Sunday, August 02, 2015

Goodbye, July!

Not many photos this week. Spending too much time having fun! Between going to the pool, a trip to IKEA, and breaking out more old LEGOs, who has time to snap a pic?

Landon and Mike have started playing a fun board game Grandpa O. got us called Battle Sheep. It was easy enough for Landon to learn quickly and challenging enough to keep us interested through several quick games.
The winner? Landon! 

On Monday, Mike had some company on his morning walk.

Later in the day, we had lunch with Emily and her husband Mike and babysat baby Laura while her parents conducted some business out our way. Hallie took Laura with her to Landon’s OT, and then everyone got back together for some yummy pie.

Eliza went to dance class in the afternoon.

On Tuesday, Mike met with a student over at the Starbuck’s. He has it too good. Most days, working at or near home is a real pleasure, especially when you can end it off with a dip in the pool with the kiddos, as he did today.

Wednesday had the usual round of activities. Mom and the kids made one change to the routine by going to the library for a musical activities. Among other things, they played Las Chiapanecas (the clapping song) using filled water bottles.

When Mike went out with the missionaries to Rhoda’s in the evening, they were treated to some yummy Filipino dishes, including adobo (soy sauce marinated beef) with rice, pinakbet (vegetable stew), and misua (noodle soup). Soooo tasty!

While Mike worked out in Westlake on Thursday morning, Hallie and the kids met up with Carly and Cru at the movie theater at The Oaks to watch Marmaduke. 

One of Landon’s gymnastics friends rides BMX bikes, so he and Mom went to Freedom Park to watch bikers practice and race together.

Afterwards, we all went to the pool for an evening swim. Soooo relaxing!

Mike taught on Friday night and Saturday all day. He took the car to work Friday while Hallie and the kids had company for pizza and a movie night.

On Saturday, after dropping Mike off at work, the rest of the clan went shopping! First, though, they went to the Home Depot and built chalkboards.

Afterwards, they went to IKEA to buy a storage unit and some other home goods. They ended their time shopping for some clothes for Landon before picking Mike up.

After assembling the storage unit, Mike pulled out most of his remaining LEGOs from the garage, consisting of buildings and vehicles from towns he has built and Star Wars spaceships, and the kids had a play fest. 

On Sunday, Eliza gave the opening prayer and scripture in Primary. When she drew the selection for next week’s assignment, she recognized Landon’s name as the one she selected. She’s full of surprises lately about the little tidbits of academic knowledge she has learned! 

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