Sunday, April 12, 2015

Star of the Week

We returned to school and work refreshed from our eventful week previous. One major event of note: Landon was Star of the Week in his class. In other news, . . .  

. . . on Monday, Fergus brought in a mouse from outside. A live mouse. Mike helped make sure said mouse got out of the house.

Eliza brought home some zoo-related artwork.

On Sunday, the Boulters next door gave us their piano. Landon has spent the week enthusiastically learning to play Mary Had a Little Lamb.

We continued planting the garden. The lettuce and spinach are already sprouting!
"A Movable Feast" of produce, so to speak

On Thursday while Landon was out in the backyard, he managed to step on a bee. He spent the next couple of days convalescing.

Landon was Star of the Week at his school this week. We all went to his class on Friday and shared a presentation about one of our favorite hobbies: Travel! 

We took a couple of afternoons to clean out items from the garage that we haven't used since moving here. We managed to have several boxes' worth of stuff, plus we found a few things to bring into the house to use.
Play-Doh pizzas, anyone?
To celebrate Mike’s birthday, we went to the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale. It’s about the same physical size as the Michigan Renaissance Festival, but it felt bigger. It was definitely warmer (fortunately there was a breeze to cool us down from time to time). Lots of people dressed up, and we saw a few performers/acts we had seen in Michigan along with several new ones.

Learning about blacksmithing

Getting recruited to participate in the Kid's Militia

Getting bawdy braids

Interesting story: Landon wanted to buy a bow and arrow with money he had earned. While Eliza was getting her hair braided, he and Mike went to find an archery shop. While there, Landon discovered that his heart's desire cost more than he had. Mike and he had a conversation about how he could buy something smaller and still have money for another purchase. The owner of the shop overheard the boys talking and was impressed that Mike was teaching fiscal responsibility and that Landon was really thinking about how he should spend his hard-earned money. He was so impressed that when we came back later, he gave Landon a significant discount on his more humble purchase.

When we met back up with Hallie and Eliza, Landon tried his archery skills, and with a little help from one of the workers, learned quite quickly.

By the time we got back to the archery shop, Landon had made his choice and received his discount. He is so thrilled with his crossbow that he got mad because we wouldn't let him sleep with it.
He really does know which way to point the thing.

Soon enough, it was time to muster the troops for the Royal Joust Tournament. As a member of the militia, Landon learned about life in Renaissance England and received training as a musketeer.

Here comes the queen! 

Vanquishing the foe

Official "certificate of traneyng" from the Guild of St. Michael

Receiving autographed pennants from the brave knights. Eliza's won the tourney, but Landon's successfully demanded a rematch. 
After our day at the faire, we met up with Emily and her husband Mike at Yogurtland in Arcadia. Tasty treat for the birthday boy! Thanks, guys!

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