Sunday, April 19, 2015

Birthday and Scandinavian Celebrations

We celebrated Mike’s birthday at the Renaissance Fair and our family’s Scandinavian heritage this week.

Sunday was all about Renaissance England, as we shared in last week's entry. Landon's crossbow continues to be very well loved. Speaking of things loved, the boy loves his mom and his cat. 

Mike had a fair amount of work-related activity on campus on Monday, but he also got to spend some time with his parents and Alie when they went to lunch at Yolanda’s. Then Mike and Merle went to the Reagan Library to see the vintage cars before Mike had to return to campus for a faculty meeting.
Juan and Eva Peron's car

Western panorama. The chaparral has returned to its customary dry state (click to enlarge).  

After the meeting, we had cake at Grandma and Grandpa M.’s. All in all, a fun day!
Courtesy Nothing Bundt Cakes. Note the LEGO candles.

Tuesday found Eliza at the doctor’s office for her four-year well visit. We have found a nice doctor close by, and Eliza had a clean bill of health to go along with her shots.

Mike volunteered at Landon’s school and got a sneak preview of his in-class art work.

Eliza brought home her own art too.

She didn’t make it to school on Wednesday because her shots left her feeling under the weather. She slept for most of the day, and then (feeling full of energy), she had a hard time going to bed in the evening.

Eliza played medic to Landon after he came home from school with a skinned knee.

We have followed the news about the upcoming Star Wars movie with growing interest, so when the new trailer came out, Landon was all ready to watch some more. We watched the original for movie night.

Saturday turned out busy and beautiful. Hallie and the kids watched Cru play baseball while Mike worked, then we went to the 41st Annual Southern California's Scandinavian Festival on the CLU campus.

(Mike did some retooling later.)

Butter knife. The boys wanted theirs extra sharp. 

The Acro Flyer was a major hit.

Taking a liking to a viking

Kids vs. adults playing kubb

Vintage Volvo

When we got home, the kids persuaded Dad to take them to the pool. In April. It's going to be a great summer!

We're proud to report that Diamond completed the semester with a stellar GPA. Great work!  

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