Sunday, April 26, 2015

Little Helping Hands

This week’s highlight was that the kids got to help Hallie at a service project gleaning lemon trees.

We have been greatly blessed over two weeks to have an extra car in the family. One of the sisters Hallie visit teaches and who visits Hallie has let us borrow one of their cars while her husband is out of town. It really is amazing to not have to plan our day to the minute working out rides. Thanks, Marie!!!!

On Monday, Landon went to a new occupational therapist and finished the day off with gymnastics. He had no trouble falling asleep. 

Eliza has mentioned several times over this past school year the name of a little girl she likes to play with at recess. The two are not in the same class, so it has been hard for us to see what this little friend looked like. Hallie finally saw little Leslie today. Eliza and Leslie look quite similar, and it was the cutest seeing them walk together toward their classrooms.

Landon stayed home from school on Tuesday. Poor thing – he has been struggling with allergies this year. He was good to go and raring by Wednesday, though. He and his sister were apparently well enough to cut their Renaissance Pleasure Faire pennants to ribbons. Not cool. 

Eliza found the eye that has been missing from her white teddy bear since before our move from Michigan. Apparently it did make the trip! Now her bear is fully restored. 

Eliza must be getting ready for a growth spurt. She took siestas two days this week, something she has not done in a very long time. 

Hallie has been given some new sisters to visit teach, and Hallie had the chance to do service for one of them. That service extended on to several other appointments this week for this same sister. One thing we cherish as a family is helping others.

On Wednesday, Mike did his normal work in Landon’s class. We are blessed that Mike has been able to be in Landon’s class on a regular basis. The kids seem to really like him, and he enjoys being there with them. For the most part, the rest of the day was not eventful. It is good to have days like this on occasion.

On Wednesday night Hallie flossed her teeth, and afterward part of one fell off. Thank heavens Mike’s sister Emily was able to get her into the dentist Thursday morning. Hallie had already committed to watching Sawyer for Carly in the morning. Mike was willing to cover for Hallie until she could get there, and it all worked out great! Eliza has fun helping with Sawyer. It is so cute to see her all excited over little munchkins. Hallie’s tooth is not exactly perfect, and she will have to go back and get it fixed some more.

Friday was Eliza’s day for gymnastics.

We have worked hard this week at getting the kids to get along. Part of this involved distracting the kids with Legos.
The boy knew he had gotten himself in the doghouse. 

Horse-headed Mecha, complete with articulating limbs

Version 2.0

Kai from Ninjago looks right at home! 

Mom and the kids participated in one of several Just Serve Helping Hands projects in Ventura County while Mike taught up at CLU. For the service project, they gleaned lemons from a grove of 70 trees in town. The fruit will be distributed by an organization called FOOD Share. The kids really enjoyed getting outdoors and serving others in need.

A jacaranda in lovely lavender bloom, one of many throughout town.

Grandma and Grandpa B. participated in another local project: Clearing brush from Conejo Creek.

Such a lovely view!

We had stake conference this weekend, and while we had to split our time going to sessions, we appreciated hearing the advice and counsel from our general authority, Elder Call, and from stake, mission, and temple presidencies. Of special note was the advice to participate in family councils and conduct personal interviews with each of our children, advice which resonates with that which Mike and Hallie received when they got married. Our kids thrive on the personal time we spend with them, so we’re happy to take the counsel to heart.  


Helena said...

I like the horse-headed mecha!

(Hey, we have an Elder Call too! He was our stake president and then was called as area general authority.)

Marie Turner said...

I got a mention?! Awesome! Glad we could help out! I ❤️ reading your weekly updates!