Sunday, March 22, 2015

Starting Spring in Malibu

The heat from last week dissipated this week, leaving sun and typically springlike weather this week. Flowers abound on the trees, bushes, shrubs, and pretty well every plant around. And yet, not a crocus, daffodil, or tulip is there to be seen. For the first time in many years, we enter spring without feeling the sense of relief from winter it has brought in years past. Kind of eerie, to be honest. Uncanny feelings notwithstanding, with beach chairs and umbrellas in hand, we press on. Pass the sunblock, will ya?

The kids had their last Imagymnation class on Monday. We really like Landon’s coach, and Landon has decided he wants to get back into gymnastics. Eliza has also been doing a lot more tumbling and climbing around the house.

Mike had to work, so Hallie and the kids picked up Mike after they got done. We had yummy Jamba Juice smoothies.

We didn’t get our act together this year for St. Patrick’s Day, so for the first time in years we missed out on soda bread and corned beef and cabbage. We’ll have to get by on memories and the sandwiches we had from The Hat last Monday after gymnastics this year. Everyone did wear green, and no one got pinched. We didn’t make leprechaun traps this year, so we got no gold either. We got cards in the mail from Granny and Grandpa O. 

Fergus didn't wear green, but he gets a pass for being a ginger.

While Hallie attended foster care class, Mike looked after the kids, who hung around in the front yard.
The neighbor across the street gave E a bit o' the luck.

"Someone help me get down?"

The roses out front have started blooming.
Mind you, this is March. Our buds in Michigan didn't look this healthy in July. We'd say it was the water, but you might have heard about this little drought thing we're having. 

The kids helped clean their bathroom Wednesday. Landon has a unique technique.

Landon showed his love in his art on Thursday.
Happy Birthday, Dr. Suess!

Adoption love!

On Thursday night while Mom was at her class and after Eliza had fallen asleep, Dad and the boy got out the globe puzzle the kids had received for Christmas and put it together.

This year’s first day of spring started off mild and sunny. Mike got to help out a little more than usual in Landon’s class. After coming home to finish work while Eliza and Hallie ran errands, he went back up to pick Landon up a little early for haircuts. They tried out a new place where Mike was able to practice his Spanish. The boys came home looking sharp!

We all hit the road to go to Zuma Beach and meet up with members of the Maygren family, following PCH along the coast.  The air wasn’t as warm as last Friday, but the water was warmer.

Being out in the sun all day must have tuckered Hallie out. It was either that, or the big breakfast of scratch waffles, chorizo, eggs, and hash browns Saturday morning. While she rested, the rest of us busied ourselves with puzzles, Legos, or books.

Later, Hallie had a hair appointment. The kids played some out front while Mike puttered. It’s a tough life, but someone’s gotta live it. 

Landon got Detroit Tigers-themed pajamas in the mail. And with that, we say good night!
"go dey dhrouwt tiegers!!!! óóó"

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