Sunday, March 15, 2015

Racing into Summer

We got a foretaste of summer this week as the temperature steadily rose through the weekend. For the kids, this meant not a lot of change. A little more water maybe to keep them hydrated, maybe. Well, a lot more water, if you consider our trip to the beach.

Many of our activities this week revolved around the car. As a one-car family, we sometimes have to juggle the schedule to make sure we get to where we need to go in a machine that keeps running.

At church on Sunday, Hallie taught Landon's class. In sharing time, the kids dressed up as ancient prophets. After church, Eliza found a nice spot in the backyard to sunbathe.

On Monday, we rented a car before taking the Kia to the shop for some long-needed service. The kids enjoyed being tooled around in “the new car,” a Hyundai Elantra. Hallie decided she wouldn’t mind owning a car like that. Later, Hallie took the kids to gymnastics while Mike worked on campus at CLU.

On Tuesday evening after Mike got back from work, we picked up the Kia and returned the rental. Afterwards, we got the kids treats at Rocket Fizz, which happened to be just around the block. Later, Mike put the hyped-up sugar fiends to bed while Hallie attended another foster care class.

Eliza got another day off from school Wednesday because Mike needed the car. The one car thing can be a bit of a drag, not that Eliza complained. They're learning about the zoo and making all sorts of fun art. Like Landon, though, Eliza seems to be a homebody at heart.

Marshmallow hippo teeth. Too cute!

On Thursday, the kids decided they would rather lose their things than put them away. May we suggest to anyone who wants to give the kids gifts that they fund activities rather than booty. We have enough and more, it seems.
First World Problems

The routines of the week came to a close on Friday the 13th. The date must have meant good things for Mike, because he had about as pleasant an experience as could be expected when he went to the DMV to get his license and get the car registered. Word to the wise with the California DMV: Make an appointment online in advance. When the employees asked, "Do you have an appointment?" and Mike answered, “Yes, I do,” things moved just a little quicker, lines got a little shorter, and the employees were just a little more friendly overall. It also helped to have something to talk about. As Mike was born and originally licensed in California, he was already in the system. Having a story to tell about how he got to Utah (where the record noted he surrendered his original license) and why he was returning from Michigan added something unusual to the routine.  

We looked after our friends' little boy while they went to the temple. Eliza got some practice in playing big sister. Hallie took the two to the park before the sun got too hot.

We took Landon out of school early to take the kids to the beach with John and Carrie and their kids. With the hot winds in Camarillo, we thought it might be too windy at the beach, but no. It was perfect: Cool and breezy.

It's amazing the drama a filter can add.

We had Toppers Pizza with the missionaries for dinner before Mike went out with them on a visit. Before Hallie got home with the pizza, the kids entertained the missionaries with their backyard acrobatics and a gladiator-style floor show.

The kids went to bed after a soak in the tub, and they slept hard (perhaps a little too hard) that night.

Saturday, 3/14/15 was a special Pi day. Mike’s mom sent a message just in time to remind him, and Mike, Landon, and his friend Samson counted down to 9:56:23: Pi day to 10 digits! That only happens once a century. Well, twice if you count 9:56:23 PM. 
Too bad it’s not 1592. Or maybe not. Math! We got Landon a small pie in the evening to celebrate.

Earlier in the day, Hallie and Eliza went to pick up donated clothing and other items for children in foster care from Heart 2 Heart in Oxnard. 
Big helper! 

Landon either has allergies or the warm weather has him congested. He was up all night unable to breathe through his nose. We didn’t know what to make of it, so we kept the kids home from church. Hallie sang in choir during sacrament meeting, so Dad stayed home with the kids.

Fergus, who already got Dad up in the middle of the night this week when he got into a fight with a devil cat who had invaded the back yard, did another natural-to-cats activity by bringing home and then playing with an alligator lizard
Before we realized the lizard was still alive

Fortunately, Fergus had not killed the lizard by the time we realized what he had done, so we brought the cat in and gave the lizard a chance to escape. Fergus did not take our intervention too well. 

We started subscribing to the LA Times, so now Eliza and Dad can read the most important part together.

Several days ago, Mike showed Landon a YouTube video about how to make a miniature crossbow. Landon has patiently asked repeatedly for help to make one, and today seemed as good as any.

He was a bit underwhelmed by the result. 

After Mom got home from church, we celebrated our neighbor Jake’s birthday at the park.

Hallie’s brother, Riley, and Breanne and Porter are down to visit from Washington, and after Jake’s party, we went to have a birthday dinner and s’mores with them.

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