Sunday, March 08, 2015

Some Lines Are Better Than Others

Another series of random fun events this week. Some activities involved lines, but most did not. Enjoy! 

We couldn’t resist giving the kids a little play time last Sunday, letting them fly their inflated kites in the sunshowers.

No, really. We had rain. 

Hallie went down to the DMV and waited in a series of lines. Ah, the joys of California’s government bureaucracy.

We met Grandma and Grandpa O. and Marali in Simi at Imagymnation and afterwards went to The Sandwich Spot and had some tasty subs. It’s a bit like Gandolfo’s in that the subs are named and themed. Many of the sandwiches at this location are named for local landmarks and high school mascots.
Um. . . What're you looking at?

Mike had a dentist appointment on Tuesday and then work meetings. Hallie and the kids went to the book fair at Landon’s school. On a completely unrelated note: I see Paris, I see France. . . .

In the evening, Hallie attended foster care orientation. While she was gone and Mike bathed the kids, Sarah came over and gave Eliza fishtail braids. 

On Wednesday after Mike got back from work, he and Hallie went to the homeowners’ association meeting. Several people from the neighborhood attended, and the kids are allowed to play in the street again. People also aired some other related concerns about the little things that can irritate neighbors living in a closely bound community.
Even in paradise, people find ways to get upset. Go figure. 

Hallie worked at the book fair on Thursday, and Mike pushed Eliza on the indoor swing. While the swing no longer acts as the same cabin fever sanity saver as it has in winters past, the kids still get a lot of use out of it. Eliza brought home a fun book to help her with her color words. 

(Plus a snowflake for good measure)

Later in the afternoon, Landon went bowling at a birthday get-together for our neighbor Jake.

Mike had a busy three days at work from Thursday through Saturday. Tough life for the college professor three days of teaching per month (wink). Grading papers next week is going to be brutal!

Hallie went to the Petunia Pickle Bottom headquarters, where a couple of times a year they have a sample sale. She had to wait in line, but this line was nothing compared to the DMV.

The deeply discounted treasure trove

Hallie had planned on taking the kids out for some fun activities while Mike worked Saturday, but they lost out when they misbehaved. They made up for it later by helping around the house. Later, Landon attended a birthday party for his classmate Maci at Coach Patty’s Gymnastics. It was the best of all worlds: food, cake, and a workout!

Eliza shared some love for Mom in the evening.
"I love my mommy very very much!"

Once again, Daylight Savings Time has come to steal an hour from our lives. With before-church meetings starting at 7:30, the time shift becomes that much more irritating. We can’t wait to get the kids up for school tomorrow. Ugh. 

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