Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Many Faces of Eliza

For some reason, we didn’t get a lot of pics of Landon this week and extra pics of Eliza. Enjoy her many faces!

On Monday, Hallie started a substitute job in Oxnard for a few days. We all got up early, and Mike first took Hallie to work and then the kids to school. We went to Landon’s first parent-teacher conference for the year. He’s making progress and learning a lot. He had half-days at school this week, which meant Landon got out at the same time as Eliza was supposed to start, Eliza got to school late this week. Now she attends preschool as a “typical” student.

On Tuesday after Mike and Eliza took Landon to school on their bikes, Dad and the girl stopped off at the park to play on the swing set. Suddenly Eliza had to go potty. Fortunately, the pool has a restroom. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it in time. After Mike got her cleaned up, we went right back to swinging, if a little damper than before.

Mike started tutoring last week and had a few more clients this week. It’s no tutoring empire, but it’s real money. Plus he enjoys working with the kids. On Wednesday after picking Eliza up from school, we all drove over to Westlake Village, where Mike worked with a couple of clients at the local Barnes and Noble. While he worked, the rest of the crew window shopped at Cost Plus, had an ice cream at Rite-Aid, and read at the bookstore.
There's part of Landon there too. 

The modern bookstore: Where kids go to buy toys. 

Eliza showed off her Little Miss Detroit shirt on Thursday.

On Friday, Hallie, Hillary, and Eliza went shopping for Landon’s upcoming birthday and Hallie stopped by another place to put in an application. The girls seemed to enjoy their time together. 

When they arrived home, Hallie and Eliza picked up Mike and Landon to take the boys to get a haircut, and (while we don’t have the pictures to prove it) they look sharp!

Mike ended his 99 days of freedom from Facebook. Woo hoo.

A Happy Halloween goblin dropped cookies by for the kids to munch on along with their pizza in the evening.
Here's Landon post-haircut. No product though. 

On Saturday, Mike taught and Hallie had the kids for the day. The morning was spent with Grandma M., Cru, and Sawyer. The three amigos then came home and tidied up the house and watched a movie. Soon it was time to go back and get Mike and then to see Grandpa M. to help him set up his new computer. Landon and Eliza had another chance to play with Cru. They sure do love being around a cousin their age!
Random lunchbox-on-head photo taken on the road there

Sunday ended our week with Mike attending church meetings and the rest of the family meeting him at church for a typical Sunday. The talks in sacrament were quite good and we are glad we were able to hear them. Landon actually said he wished he could have been at church longer to keep learning. Those words are music to these parents’ ears.

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Bettina said...

I have a love/hate relationship with toys in book stores. But it's mostly hate. Your kids are wonderful!