Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tanjoubi Omedetou, Ninja Boy!

Our little big man turned seven this week, one year older and wiser too. And really, really ready for Halloween. Eliza has joined in the enthusiasm. Ah, childhood!

But first, some of Eliza's continuing antics. She has taken to climbing up whatever obstacle that gets in her way.

She has also taken to writing notes and drawing pictures.

On Thursday, Landon celebrated his seventh birthday. Landon had gone on and on about wanting a ninja-themed day for the past month, and with the move, we have not been able to find his black ninja costume. But just this morning Mike found it, so the boy got to be a ninja all day.
One contemplative moment in an otherwise manic day

Landon's latest ninja obsession began when he discovered Ninjago on Netflix during the summer. 

The girls next door and Eliza decorated the front of the house while Mike took care of the back. Hallie enjoyed the time she spent with Hilary brainstorming for the party. It is good for both of them to be getting out and about.

Hallie had taken Landon to the store to pick up a fun cake with a picture on it we had taken of him in his ninja costume last year.

The grandparents and other family members got together to celebrate Landon’s birthday in the evening. All in all he had a busy, busy day!

On Saturday, The kids dressed in their Halloween costumes, and we went to the Las Posas Plaza for trick or treating and activities. 
Mike's struggles trying to get these two to pose for a halfway decent picture sent Hallie into fits of laughter. 

Landon went out to lunch at the Habit with Grandma and Grandpa M., and Eliza played dress-up in her recently repaired (thanks, Carrie!) dress she got on our Panama Canal cruise.  
Again, getting this child to stand still for a pretty pose is next to impossible, Always with the faces!

After Landon got back home, we carved pumpkins. First we planned.
Done! Or as Landon spells it, "Dune!"

Then we carved.

The jar to the right contains the haul the two kids took in this morning. 

And finally, when it got dark, we set them out.
The silhouette of Fergus the spooky cat in the window completes the effect. Booooo!

In the afternoon, the kids rode around outside with the neighbor kids. There are lots of kids in the neighborhood, and it is so fun seeing the kids play for hours on end. While the joy is being had, the moms and other adults in the neighborhood hang out together. We are grateful for other families that have similar values.

We spent a sunny Sunday morning eating Italian flavored roasted pumpkin seeds, watching Anastasia (it's both family friendly and spooky--check out the scenes with Rasputin), and reading about pirates. Arr! (Thanks, Grandma B., for letting us borrow the book.) 

Landon is also perfecting his piloting skills.
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Cross your fingers Landon's Halloween Class Party goes off without a hitch. We are first time room parents for his class. So far the sign ups are going well.

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