Sunday, May 05, 2013

Bring on the Spring Color!

Mike was out of town last Sunday, so we're doing another two-week round up.

April 22-28
On Monday, Mike went to Landon's school as the working parent. He helped the kids learn all about bugs, and Landon came home with this spider web art. 

He and Eliza both went with Hallie to the dentist, and each received a clean bill of health. 

Landon also used his great hammering skills to help Mike put together a bookcase for the master bedroom.

He used his carpentry skills on Tuesday, and the kids also enjoyed some time in the back yard.

Eliza was invited to participate in Landon's Thursday enrichment class. She is ready to go to school with the big kids! 

Hallie got the kids hula hoops, and Landon seemed to know what to do with his.

Hallie found some strange concoction for use in the bath, and on Friday we dumped it into the kids' bath after a dirty day of outdoor play. The kids seemed impressed.

It had the feel of warm Jell-O.
On Saturday Mike flew out to San Francisco to attend a conference, leaving Hallie to fend for herself with the wee minions. She took them to the parade and opening game for Landon’s little league baseball team, the Scrappers.

Eliza made out like a bandit on candy thrown by the players from the floats. 

With an eye-catching outfit like this, no one should be surprised! 

Swing, and a base hit!
Meanwhile, Mike spent much of the day in the air before landing in San Francisco. 
Low clouds visibly rolling over the hills. 

He stayed at the Drake on Powell near Union Square. Nice place!

Hallie stayed home with the kids on Sunday, and Mike went to church in the city before attending to some conference duties. 
Early morning walk through Chinatown. The market streets were a lot more busy.

A fine example of old school California LDS meetinghouse architecture
Two wards meet in the building Mike attended. They share common Sunday School and Priesthood/RS/YM-YW blocks so the relatively few youth who live in town can share classes. Separate sacrament meetings bookend the common block. Mike met up with a professional colleague he had met at another conference. It's nice to know there are other members of our church in the field. 

April 29-May 5
While Mike ate breakfast at a fun '50s-themed restaurant on Monday before a full conference day, Hallie and Dee took their kids to a local bounce house. 
Lori's Diner on Powell and Sutter, complete with Edsel

Mike presented his paper on Tuesday and then wended his way home, arriving early Wednesday morning. We kept most of the rest of the day pretty mellow until Landon's soccer game in the evening. 

Eliza found the playground more inviting. 

Post game cool down
Now that the April showers have passed, The May flowers have really come into bloom. We took some pics to show off the changing color: 

On Friday Landon celebrated the fifth anniversary of finalizing his adoption and being sealed with cupcakes and balloons at his preschool. Yay!

We spent the day Saturday completing needed projects around the house that got neglected. Among the weekend's projects was finishing up painting the dining room that we had taped off a couple of weeks back. 

Sunday we had stake conference along with about 250,000 members in 64 stakes and one district in the eastern US. We also added some papel picado to the porch to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

After church, Landon showed off his baseball skills to the sister missionaries. 

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