Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bring on Spring Already!

On Monday we felt optimistic that the real spring weather had finally arrived. In fact, we felt so sure that we got out the bikes and went out for a spin. Good thing we did, because the rest of the week only offered occasional reprieves from clouds, rain, and even some snow.
From coaster bike . . .

. . . to Razor scooter. She may be ready for a pedal bike by summer's end. 

Later on, Mike took the kids to a Dad’s Night Out at Landon’s preschool. The three of them ate cookies, built block towers, and completed an art project together while Mom got a well-deserved break.

She really is enjoying this.

Tuesday the blustery weather set back in. Fortunately, we had some indoor plans for the kids. While Hallie went to the dentist (the hygienist LOVED her teeth), Mike took both kids to Landon’s preschool field trip. They went to a veterinary hospital and learned all about how the vet and her staff care for sick animals. Landon had a blast playing with his take home bag.

Afterwards, Hallie came by and picked up Landon so he could get a haircut. Landon cleans up well, and you sure noticed a different when his hair was cut.
Our little Man of Steel

Wednesday found Hallie starting the day early. Eliza has had a bit of a hard time sleeping through the night, so when she came crawling into bed with us, Hallie went downstairs. She ended up falling back asleep. Good thing Mike woke up and thought to go down and see if Hallie had gone to work! She made it on time. Of course, then Mike fell back asleep himself, and Eliza ended up following him down an hour later, in time for him to get everyone ready for school.

Landon learned about the earth at school. 

We were a bit relieved when speech was canceled so we could have a bit of downtime at home before the rest of the day continued. The weather was slightly better, and after gymnastics Sara called for the kids to come and play. The moms kicked them into the backyard while they had some mom time in the house. The best part of Sara’s house is being able to watch the kids from any window in the kitchen. The evening came and Mike had his first elders quorum presidency meeting while everyone else turned in early.

Thursday started off quite boring but ended with a bang (or several). The daffodils have finally come out in all their glory to join the crocuses. 

Messing with the safety flags at the kids' ongoing excavation. 

Hallie tried taking a nap while Eliza slept, but Landon was not about to let that happen. Every few minutes he wanted to show her something or tell her something. The kids thought they could get into mom's good graces by bringing her flowers. Dad's flowers from the garden. The ones that have just finally bloomed. Good thing we have several. 

We had crazy weather that evening too, so Landon thought he should sleep with us until the thunder and lightning disappeared. Here are the clouds as Mike saw them from his office: 

Friday ended up pretty routine as well. Eliza learned about dinosaurs, and Landon learned about the stars in the sky.

On Saturday morning we got some help from the sister missionaries for our dining room painting project. They helped Hallie while Mike made sure the kids stayed out of the way. Later, Hallie took a shift at work, and Mike and the kids joined her by going over to the pool. Eliza and Landon both are really getting brave about going into the water, so we look forward to the kids becoming water babies over the summer.

Here’s a parting shot of Eliza dressed up for church. She looks like a little flamenco dancer. She called herself a dancerina. Looks like she has taken inspiration from Olivia and Fancy Nancy, characters from two of her favorite books. 

Hallie introduced the kids to Scooby-Doo, and they’re hooked. Skeptical reasoning coupled with slapstick, Scooby Snacks, and meddling kids. What’s not to love? 

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