Sunday, May 19, 2013

Treats, Wheels, and Soft Places to Sleep

Here's a chunk of May happiness for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Week of May 6-12

On Monday, Mike had his annual job review. Now it’s time to get his tenure packet in order. This next year is very important, because he either gets promotion and tenure or he’s out.

On Tuesday, we went to Eliza’s speech therapy and ran a couple of errands, including a stop at the Woodward Ave Candy Shop, which is closing its doors. We had to visit Jane one last time. She made Eliza’s cute first birthday cupcakes. Mike took the kids out to the back alley to get some sun and bike fun in. 

Hallie straightened Eliza’s hair in the evening. She sat very still. By the next morning, however, her curls had started coming back. Humidity, how we loathe thee at times.

Mike had a full day on campus Wednesday. Landon had a ball game, and he earned the game ball. Good on you, boy!

Now that we have finished painting the dining room, on Thursday we put it back together and added the bookcase we got at IKEA to use as the office storage/art center/school station. In a house our size, most rooms have to do double duty (at least), but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Friday after Mike took Eliza to her speech class, we got some flowers for Hallie for Mother’s Day. Eliza jumped up and down with excitement telling Mommy how we got her flowers. 

Later on, Landon and Eliza played in the back yard and practiced jumping their bikes in the back alley. 

Dad pulled dandelions and made them into food. 

We watched Meet the Robinsons and had Pizza Papalis.

Hallie had the opportunity to go back to Woodward Avenue Candy Shop's going out of business sale on Saturday, and she brought home some fun storage items. Landon had an 11:00 AM soccer game which we all attended. He likes being goalie and protect his “home.” For some reason, Eliza is obsessed with using the gross porta-john.

The kids continued raising the stakes as they jumped the ramps in the alley. 

We read that Pewabic Pottery had special commemorative Detroit Tigers tiles, and we managed to get one of the limited set of 200 just before they sold out. Quick thinking, Mom!  

The weather cooperated enough for Mother’s Day that we had marinated grilled steaks with the sister missionaries. A highlight of the day was being able to talk to Sister Evans. (P.S., Drop her a line! Look to the right of our blog for her address.)

Week of May 13-19

On Monday, Landon took a field trip to the fire department with his preschool class. His teachers told Hallie after school that Landon was very inquisitive and enjoyed the field trip.

Tuesday was a fun day. We took Landon to something called Kindergarten Transition. We thought it was to see the school and meet the teachers, but that was only a small part of the trip. He got to meet a teacher, and we saw a small part of the school. One of the teachers more or less tested him on what he knew, and she said he answered everything correctly!!!! Yay! Good for Landon.

While talking to Sister Evans on Mother’s Day, she said she would like to come live with us again for the couple of months before she goes back to school. We said, “Of course!” and then we thought, how are we going to get enough mattresses for everyone? Well, Heavenly Father has prepared a way for us to have her come. A friend in the Grosse Pointe Moms Club put out that she was moving and that she was selling a twin mattress set for a great price. So, Hallie jumped on it. The sister missionaries were kind enough to help transport the mattresses, and while at the home picking the mattress up, Hallie mentioned she just needed to find a full mattress. Well, wouldn’t you know it? The family had a spare full mattress and box spring needing a new home.

On Wednesday, Hallie and Dee went for pedicures, and it was so much fun to go out without the kids for a brief time. Mike took Eliza to her speech session at Barnes. While we waited for her appointment, we walked around outside the school. The blossoms on the trees are starting to fall, resulting in plenty of “popcorn” for making popcorn balls.

Hallie and Landon headed out to gymnastics, but they did not tell us it was cancelled. On the way back home, Landon went with Hallie to buy some good shoes to walk Mackinac Island for our upcoming Memorial Day weekend trip. The day ended with Landon playing in a baseball game.  

Over the past couple of nice afternoons, Mike took a time-out to go out with the kids to ride. Landon and Eliza are developing their skills at an amazing rate. 

Landon had a makeup gymnastics class on Friday. Afterwards, we changed things up a bit and had Baja Fresh with our movie night of Kung Fu Panda.

We celebrated Hallie’s birthday on Saturday. Landon played another baseball game. His coach said the boys played their best game so far. Afterwards, we had breakfast with Dee, Jim, and Elisabeth at a local restaurant named Harry’s. 

The kids showed their skills off to Elisabeth and her folks in the back alley. We sent Eliza and Hallie upstairs for naps after Mike set up Eliza’s new bed, and the boys finished Friday’s movie. Mike took Hallie out for dinner and dessert while Katelyn babysat the kiddos.

We seem to have moved quickly from winter to summer temperatures. On Sunday after church, we had cannoli pie and leftover barbecue. Mike relented and let the kids play outside. It got warm enough upstairs in the house that the kids had a hard time going down, so we finally turned on the A/C for a little bit.

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