Sunday, February 10, 2013

She's Not a Baby Anymore

Mike was the working parent at Landon’s preschool, where we learned all about dinosaurs and the prehistoric world. Afterwards, Landon went to his classmate Peter’s house. He missed out on karate because he placed his gi (uniform) in a backpack to bring it in last week, and we all forgot where it was. It was so well-hidden, we practically had to turn the house upside down to find it. Maybe we bought him a ninga gi by mistake!

Now that Hallie gets up early two days a week to work at the Neighborhood Club, Mike runs the morning breakfast-and-out-the-door show. While it can sometimes get chaotic, it generally goes well, and Landon and Mike get some time to visit and have interesting conversations. For instance, Landon asked Mike on Tuesday, “What makes boys and girls different?” Rather than answering the question with the obvious, Mike ask him back, “What do you think?” After a bit of thought, Landon replied, “They have different (in a whisper) . . . Toys.” Smart kid, our son. Talented, too:

We had a snow day on Friday. Where we live, though, we didn’t get hit very hard. Hallie was treated to a peaceful winter wonderland on her way to the Neighborhood club, and Mike and the kids got to play in the snow.

We had gnarly icicles form on the south side of the house.

Knocking them down. Crash! "Look out below!"

Some spikes measured three feet long and more!

Icicles taste yummy! 

The melting and refreezing ice coated the bottom of the house in a shiny layer. Hallie thought she had broken the glass door at the side of the house when she tried to open it, but she only cracked the clear layer of ice that had formed on the door.  

Landon played basketball and had team pictures.

The week’s big highlight, of course, was Eliza’s second birthday. 

We don’t have a wee baby in the house anymore. Sad! She’s becoming a little chatterbox and a little girl. 
One Month

One year

And two years. Her bear keeps shrinking. How odd! 

Our very own little Belle

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