Sunday, February 17, 2013

Medical and Health Adventures

Mike's fighting a mild case of the flu (hah!), so we're just going to give you the quick-and-dirty version of events this week. 
Sunday: Landon took candids. Some turned out not-too-bad! 

Self-portrait of the artist as a young man. 
Monday: Mike took Landon and Eliza to karate. She was Little Miss Busy going all over the place. She can tucker her old man out! He thought he took pictures, but if he did, they're nowhere to be found. 

Tuesday: Eliza had her two-year well visit. She is at 50th percentile all around.
Can't resist the curly locks! 

Wednesday: Valentine's Day party at Sunny Days. The kids played out in the muddy back yard and had a grand old time. Afterwards, Mike made sure they took a long shower to warm up and clean off the grime. He also put a lot of stain remover on the white clothes he let the kids play in, and the clothes came out just fine. No harm, no foul! 

Eliza got to join in for singing time. She is so ready to play with the big kids! 

Playing in the infamous sand pit 

"What d'ya mean, 'It's cold out'?"  

Thursday: Valentine's Day breakfast at Mack Avenue Grill. Hallie had a doctor's appointment.
The kids love using their electric toothbrushes. Who knew?

Friday: Hallie needed to have a scope of her insides done, so Mike took her to the clinic while Dee, the mom of Landon's classmate Elisabeth had a play date. Mike took the kids to basketball practice while Hallie recuperated at home. 

Saturday: Mike woke up feeling crummy. Hallie took Landon to his basketball game while Mike watched Eliza at home. After they got home, unexpected snow set in. It wasn't much, but the flakes came down in these amazing puffy giant cotton-ball puffs.

Sunday: Mike was definitely sick, so he stayed home from church with Eliza and gave her the run of the house (he's only partially kidding). Earlier in the week, we had been invited to go see Chinese acrobats perform at Wayne State, and Mike had planned to take Landon. Hallie took Landon instead, and they got fourth row seats right next to the Mexican consul and his son. Landon said he had a great time watching the performers fly through the air. 

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