Monday, November 05, 2012

This Post is About Time (Updated)

Not a whole lot beyond the routine happened this week. We got some of Sandy’s winds and a little precipitation, but we experienced hardly anything compared with the hit taken by the East Coast. Even though we celebrated Halloween, we actually didn’t get many pictures taken.

Busy Butterfly

Together in Landon's preschool. He's the soldier in the middle.

UPDATE: There were more pics. On Monday, we carved a Jack O'Lantern. 

Landon drew the shapes for the eyes and mouth and did a great job helping to cut. We must have found a strange variety of pumpkin. It had a rind that was hard like wood.

In the end, as long as we could make straight cuts, it was enough.

Mike and his friend Aaron started writing novels on Thursday as part of the annual National Novel Writing Month challenge. Mike had originally read about the challenge as well as a similar one called the 3-Day Novel Contest a little over a year ago and was intrigued. Then this year he remembered too late about the latter, but he figured he could fit a little writing time each day over 30 days. At present it’s an exercise in throwing words at the screen and seeing what sticks. This is no prose masterpiece, but at least it’s a start.

The move to standard time should have given us an extra hour’s sleep. Not so with our little Eliza, who along with suffering from a cold sees the new 5:30 as her old 6:30. 

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