Sunday, November 11, 2012

Some Weeks (Like This) are More Routine than Others

Generally this week was full of the little ordinary routines of work, school, and home. We are nearing completion of the fish extender gifts we will give on the cruise. We probably put too much effort into them, but we’ve enjoyed the fun process of putting it all together and spending time chatting as a couple after the kiddos have gone to bed.
Here are some examples of the goodies (L to R): decorated mini composition book travel journals, glow stick bracelets, bookmarks, pen, all packed into personalized scrapbooks.

Here's some detail of the 5" x 5" scrapbook. The book is made of three paper lunchbags fastened together with brads. The cover is an image from the website created by one of the cruisers. 

Welcome letter and one of many pages for photos 

Scavenger hunt tucked into a secret slot 

Map activity tucked into another

Best-of list tucked into a third

Special removable sticker showing our ports of call

Mike is nearing the 20,000 word mark on his novel and has established some key plot points and character interactions.  

We voted on Tuesday. The process of representative government rolls on. What is amazing and disturbing is the lack of civility we saw over the election on Facebook. Frankly, we hope for a return to a sensible center and view the partisan squabbling to be at least as problematic as the views of the extremist wings of either party. OK, stepping off the soap box.

Hallie had a teeny teeny part in helping a local woman who came to Michigan from her childhood home in New Jersey in her quest to send relief packages to those affected by the super storm.

We prepped the yards for the winter on Saturday. We burned some tree limbs in the fire pit that the fine people who cut the limbs off our front yard tree failed to clean up. Landon liked the campfire feel, and the neighbors enjoyed the old timey fall smell. We planted tulip bulbs in the front yard, so we hope for a major splash of color in the spring.

Time to show off some of the kids' handiwork:

Eliza’s last set of teeth are finally coming in. She is using more words and is quite the hard worker. She knows how to communicate what she wants with her new words, and she knows how to clean up and help with the chores around the house, just like her big brother. We continue to do battle with her over her pacifier vice. Of course, now that we know she's teething again, we're indulging her a little more. Here she is showing off a Minnie Mouse-themed knit hat: 

"Gimme my pacifier!" Note the mouse on the hat. 

Mike made beef stew in the crock pot this morning. This was a favorite Sunday meal of his growing up. By the time we got home, the nostalgic smell had filled the house. Yummo! Plus there are lots of leftovers!

We celebrated Veteren’s Day with poppies in lapels and prayers on behalf of those serving and returned from military service. We are grateful for their sacrifice on our behalf. 
Showing off her dress from Grandma and Grandpa at church

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