Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Goings-On

We had a unique Thanksgiving Thursday. We went to Canada to run some errands and got a late start, so we missed our intended dinner plans so that Eliza could get some needed shut-eye. Good thing we had Montreal smoked meat sandwiches, poutine, and Fruitopia for lunch (we also made sure to stock up on our north-of-the-border staples). While we did not have traditional turkey and mashed potatoes, we have had more meager Thanksgiving dinners in the time we’ve been married. Plus, we still have a frozen turkey for later! That night, we visited with our next door neighbors and Landon got to stay up late playing. We enjoyed what is likely to be our last warm night of the year, and temperatures plummeted overnight.

On Friday, Hallie and Dorene bundled up and took off early for some Black Friday deals while the rest of us stayed cozy and slept in. Or, rather, while Landon slept in. Eliza was up at her normal early time. One of the finds Hallie bought was a Christmas tree that is better sized for our living room.
Thin is in.

She also surprised the boys with a Christmas-themed LEGO set. Mike and Landon started putting it together while Hallie and Eliza napped. Later in the afternoon, Mike got out some Christmas decorations and did some straightening up in areas in the basement Hallie and Priscilia had not already done earlier this year. Landon helped haul empty boxes upstairs and into the garage. Meanwhile, Hallie straightened Eliza’s hair.
"Stop trying to take my picture!"

Finally a passable shot

Landon went to gymnastics an extra day this week to make up for a day he missed when he was sick. Mike kept Eliza entertained. Mom and son were gone longer than expected because they arrived at the gym an hour early. They cooled their heels at the bar at National Coney Island.

After Eliza went to bed, we broke in the new bargain-priced Blue-Ray player with the movie Brave while we indulged in some Nanaimo bars. 

Even with Eliza waking up at her normal early time, we started Saturday slowly before finally going shopping in the late morning for some necessities. Mike bought light fixtures to replace ones either broken or otherwise in disrepair. The new and much need fixture in the family room took some time to figure out (we have an old house with old wires), but once installed, it looked nice. We went to the Somerset Collection in the afternoon just to take in the atmosphere and get out of the house.

We got our first real dusting of snow overnight. Eliza was teething as she cut her eye teeth, but she has been sick off and on for the past couple of weeks without improving, so Mike took Eliza to the urgent care this morning, where she was diagnosed with an ear infection. She never acted like her ears hurt, but now we know what to expect from her the next time this happens. 
Even sick, she still shows off!

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