Sunday, March 04, 2012

Cymru Am Byth! (Wales Forever!)

Again, we had another laid-back week as winter begins to wind its way down with half-hearted attempts at snow and cold followed by warmer weather. Eliza had her one-year check up. She is healthy, strong, and active.

On March 1 for St. David’s Day (in honor of Mike’s Welsh heritage), we ate potato leek soup and bought daffodils. Next year, we'll have to see if there's an Eisteddfod nearby. Our family members hale from many different countries of origin (Wales, England, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Laos, Mexico, and maybe more), and we thought we should have some fun learning about the cultures of our ancestors. We’ll slowly start incorporating new celebrations as the year goes along.
Daffodil Hill in Plymouth, California. Our yard will have daffodils soon, just not so many. 
Landon’s friend Rylee had a party for her birthday, and Landon enjoyed playing with her and his other friends from the branch. He received a treat bag with toys and goodies which he played with all weekend long. 

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DisabilityDiva said...

Learned something I didn't know about all of you! I LOVE those daffodils and hopefully yours will emerge soon!