Sunday, February 26, 2012

Low Key Week

Hard to believe it, but we had a pretty low-key, routine week. Landon decided he wanted spiky hair for church last Sunday. Once he got there, however, he wanted it back flat.

Eliza managed to keep her hair band on for a little bit longer than usual.

The local kids had winter break, and we had some snow, but we also had sun, so the snow melted. We enjoyed a brisk mix of sun and cloud throughout the week and even got a bike ride in. 

Hallie and Mike spent a few evenings watching Downton Abbey on PBS's streaming video channel (Internet TV, how we do love you!). As with many media trends, we were vaguely aware of the show, but we never got around to seeing it until now. Had we known Hallie's dad was such a fan, we might have tried to have a viewing party or two via Skype or IM.

Speaking of PBS, Hallie and Eliza did end up making it onto the "Discover the D" TV show. 
They're at the end of this segment about the new "Driving America" exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum

Mike taught Landon about rockets and balance boards using stuff we scrounged about for around the house. We had so much fun we forgot to get any pictures! Maybe next time.

Eliza has enjoyed her birthday presents, including a cute talking dog from Sean, Jen, and their kids . . .

. . . and some new clothes from Aunt Carly, Uncle Shad, and Cousin Cru.

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