Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine and Other Plans That Did Not Quite Go As Intended

Our neighbor Dawn sewed Eliza a dress for her birthday. We love all the little details!

Hallie, Landon, and Eliza went to the Henry Ford museum for Macy’s 2nd Monday, where they got to play at the newly renovated automobile exhibit. 

Mike had dinner with his colleagues and a potential new hire at Mario’s Italian Restaurant, a classic eatery in Midtown. On the way home, he bought Hallie three rooms’ worth of tulips, daffodils, and roses.
Yup. The rose-filled room looked just like this. Just like this. Plus tulips and daffodils. Jealous, much?
Mike woke up on Valentine’s Day feeling sick. He either got an intestinal bug or he ate something on Monday that really disagreed with his system. Boo. His presence at home did give Hallie the opportunity to let Eliza nap while she and Landon went to Just Baked for an activity with the Mom’s Club. They decorated cupcakes in red, pink, and white with different sprinkles. 
Short sleeve shirt weather in February?!

Mike’s illness spoiled their plans to heart attack his office at work, so instead they brought the cupcakes home and Mike admired them from afar. Even though Mike being sick meant that he cancelled class and we had the evening available, but our date plans for Friday were already made, so we just enjoyed a relaxing time at home.
She climbs on everything. 
Mike was well enough to return to work Wednesday, and Hallie and the kids spent the day at home. Landon made the choice not to get ready for Spanish class, so he missed out. ¡Qué lástima! There’s always next week.

Mike had some work up in Rochester Hills on Thursday, so the four of us made a road trip out of it and made a stop at the children’s play area in the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets and then at Max & Erma’s in Auburn Hills. Like Landon before her, Eliza proved herself to be a fearless daredevil as she climbed on top of the giant rubber food.

Seriously, she climbs on everything

We picked up the photos Hallie had taken of Eliza at Portrait Scene last week. So adorable! They did a really great job of capturing her bubbly personality.
For more photos, go to this link
On Friday, Hallie and Mike left the kiddos with Priscilia so they could get their taxes done and then celebrate. Well, we got our taxes done. Capital gains tax on the condo sale offset the tax credit on Eliza’s adoption, so we owe this year instead of receiving a refund. Boo hoo! Not the greatest mood to bring along to the restaurant, but we didn’t let it get us down too much. Good thing we have a little in reserve. Too bad we won’t after April 17. Anyway, we enjoyed dinner (on a previously received gift card. Must pinch those pennies) and some well-needed couple time. 

On Saturday it was Hallie’s turn to have the previous day’s meal disagree with her. The kids’ music teacher and her assistant called in sick, so the kids missed their music class. At least we had sun and time to enjoy a relaxing day at home and finally get the van cleaned up. 


DisabilityDiva said...

LOVE all the flowers and what a darling place Just baked! That is always a fun activity to do together. I still can't get over how stunning Eliza's pictures are. So so darling!!

Maygren Family said...

The pictures of Eliza are so cute, if you have any extra could you send two our way, also two of Landon if you have any extra's around.

Sue said...

So much activity! That giant food looks fun! And Eliza's picture is really cute. I only got to see 1 because I got a 'temporarily unavailable' message when I clicked the link. She looks squeezable in the one on your post though :-)