Sunday, March 25, 2012

Independence Has Its Drawbacks

Spring is here in full force. We took advantage with time outdoors in the garden and riding our bikes around the neighborhood. On Wednesday as part of the Mom's Club Brunch Bunch, Hallie, Priscilia, and the kids walked down to Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes (a second location from the original one in Midtown) which recently opened a few blocks from home.
Photo courtesy Grosse Pointe Patch
Last weekend, Mike introduced Landon to Doctor Who. Apparently, the show has already made an impression. At the crepe shop, Landon told Hallie, “Look! The Doctor’s box.” It took Hallie a few long moments to realize Landon was looking at the entrance to the store. As seen from the inside, the paneled door did bear a passing resemblance to the Doctor’s TARDIS.  

It's bigger on the inside.
Now Mike’s thinking about when to introduce Landon to the Star Wars movies. ;)

Landon has really started to assert his independence this week. Hallie took him to get his hair cut on Friday. While they were out, Mike and Eliza went for a walk, and Eliza fell (fortunately no real harm done). 
She's a little daredevil, just like her brother. Falls are part of the experience. 
When everyone got home, we started getting ready for dinner, and Landon started hitting Eliza where she fell. Mike sent him to his room, and apparently Landon thought his haircut needed improving, because he took Mike’s trimmer to his bangs:

Mike chuckled, knowing this meant Landon’s annual buzz cut was going to come early. Hallie cried. Maybe if he had waited a few days after his haircut before taking matters into his own hands. . . .

Instead of going to Lowe’s on Saturday, Mike gave Landon a second haircut while Hallie went to a mom-to-mom sale. Then everyone went to music class before going up to Morley’s on Hall Road for their Easter event and to Achatz Burgers for a late lunch. 
Showing off his LEGO cars. "Why me?" asks Charlie Brown. Why me, indeed.
Cool face paint courtesy of the artist at Morley's
When we came home, we saw that our neighbor was having some car trouble (her muffler was dragging on the ground). Mike, Landon, and Miles did what they could to help temporarily strap the muffler under the car. Landon raced back and forth getting tools, so excited to be of help!  

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Sue said...

I think almost everyone goes through a self haircut at one stage or another! lol Poor Landon ... poor mommy!