Sunday, April 03, 2011

Did You Hear the One About the April Fool and His Wiley Wife?

Yikes! A quarter of the year has flown by. We keep getting teased about this thing people call “spring” further south of us. At least we're not getting snow

Mike tried, in vain, to pull an April Fool’s Day prank on Hallie, to no avail. She wasn’t buying his lie that Sunday School hour was going to be cut from our branch meeting schedule (he tried that one again on the missionaries, with limited success). He tried rigging the kitchen sink to spray wildly, like this:
But, alas, the rubber band failed to do its dirty work. I guess we know who the real fool is! Grr. Maybe next year.

Anyway, on to the kids. After having a conversation with our friend Christine, Hallie opted to change Eliza’s formula, and it appears to have really helped her colic. The stuff’s worth its weight in gold and smells funny, but she seems much more content. She’s beginning to really fixate on faces and respond with little smiles. 

Hallie has gone to a few mom-to-mom sales recently, so Eliza has a closet full of pretty dresses to wear once she gets big enough.

This week our neighbors were very kind to our family. On Wednesday our neighbor “Auntie” Dawn brought over the biggest pot of spaghetti we have ever seen. It has fed us for five meals. On Saturday morning another set of neighbors came down to see Miss Eliza. Laurie, Katherine, and Jane brought us tulips and a very yummy pineapple. They were very thoughtful, and it was fun to chit chat with the girls. Jane, who is in Kindergarten, had a good time trying to hold Eliza.

This morning we were able to chat on the computer with Grandpa and Grandma D., Kira, and Austin, our friends from Canada. Yay! We love chatting with them. They really love seeing Eliza get so big. Landon sang them “Stand for the Right.”
Holding his new truck. This was about as still as he got.
Landon received a remote control fire truck from Grandpa O. this week, and he drove it all around the house. He also discovered the joys of using a balloon as a volleyball. You’d think he was stir crazy the way he’s bouncing around the house lately. Must be spring fever. Or the sugar high from the monkey bread Hallie made this morning. Mmm! Monkey bread.
Thanks 2chacha!
We spent some time this week getting Landon and ourselves ready for General Conference. Seeing conference from a three-year-old’s perspective has been interesting. He pays much more attention to the music and what people look like than the words. More than once he said, “That guy looks like you, Dad” (referring to people conducting music, not the speakers!). Great. Middle age has hit the patriarch of the home. Mike and Landon took in a session at church on Saturday, but otherwise we watched from home, where Señor Squirrelly could color or climb or snack at will. Every so often, he would look up from building a makeshift catapult or marker-soaked paper and say, “There he is!” when he recognized Pres. Monson. Something’s actually sinking in!


Candi said...

She is so beautiful! Thank you for the birth announcement, I especially loved the picture of her with Landon.

Riley and Breanne said...

That's funny... at least it would have been if the rubber band didn't break! I love those pictures. Eliza is getting so big!

K said...

Your little gal is gorgeous. The kid-os loved the announcement you sent, what a blessing and we're so happy for you!
That monkey bread looks SO good.
Much love!