Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cops, Candy Shops, and Sunday Sweets

It’s sunny like springtime, but you wouldn’t know it from the temperatures. At least we missed the rain. Hallie took the kids over to the local fire and police station with the Grosse Pointe Mom’s Club, and Landon got to try out the different vehicles. He got to see prisoners in their cells and detectives in the detective bureau. Eliza seemed to enjoy being out of the house too, and she sat contentedly in her little car seat. Everyone seemed to notice when Landon pulled the air horn on the fire truck, and they all had a good laugh.

With his buddy, Xavier
"Oh, . . . . !"
On Saturday, we got into the Easter season a little bit by having lunch at the Pantry and then going next door to Morley’s Candy Shop for their Easter Open House. They had free candy samples, face painting, and a photo op with Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Landon decided right as we were leaving the house this morning that he was going to wear a dishtowel as a cape and that he was a super hero. We played along, and when he went to have his face painted, he got a green facemask so that he could be a super frog man. Once he received his green sword from Alice, his costume was complete! Eliza also had her face painted with a little ladybug. The face painter said she thought Eliza was the youngest child she had painted. At 6 ½ weeks, that may be possible. So cute!

Note the dishtowel tucked in under the coat. 
Is it just me, or does Alice seem a bit intimidating?

Today we baked some cupcakes, and Landon was a big help. He monitored the quality of the product and made sure to take care of any extra batter. Hallie fancied them up with special frosting and sprinkles. Mike pitched in by baking sweet potato fries. It’s been a while since Hallie and Mike have made them at home, and it might have been the first time Landon has had them homemade. He gobbled them right down. 
This is Landon's angry face, the one he uses any time he wants us to know he is not pleased. It is often accompanied by a throaty growl. 
Quality check

The first draft of the finished product


Mike & Lila Family said...

ooo look at you guys homemaking it up with those delectable looking confections. ;) i love the commentary of the blog. I wish my hubby would journal on our blog but alas he doesn't feel worthy. lol. :)

Springer and/or Tyson (probably Springer) said...

Those cupcakes look delightful! What a fun day! :)

DisabilityDiva said...

Wow look at those cupcakes beautiful so impressed!! I am also amazed that you had Eliza's face painted that would be too brave for me!! What fun family times your having!! LOVE seeing your family grow!!

Peach said...

Beautiful family. Just want to say thank you to Chairman Mao for his comment on The R House blog's post "how does the world feel about interracial adoption?" Thank you.