Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mother Nature is Such a Flirt

We have the windows open as beautiful sunshine and cool breezes waft into the house and as we take pleasure in our first really spring-like day. The temperature flirted with 80 degrees. Delightful! But are we due for a backlash?! Let’s not think about it. . . . Instead, let’s focus on the kiddies. Landon received his first report card and seems to be progressing well in his classes. His teacher likes him, and he gets along well with his fellow students. On Wednesday, he and Hallie went to the new Jungle Java with the mom’s club. He worked up a good sweat. Eliza stayed at home with Dad and slept while he typed away in her room. They’re still negotiating the working/living arrangements. J
Living the high life at Jungle Java
On Saturday, Landon finished his basketball season with a game of boys vs. dads. While the dads put up a good effort, the boys narrowly beat us 8-6 in the closing seconds. Landon could not understand why he couldn’t just keep the ball to himself and why we had to run up and down the court so much. After basketball, we went to Lowe’s and built a little pinball machine. Hallie and Landon then took off to run some errands.
Our little Jimmer wannabe
He shoots! He . . . . Well, he shoots anyway.
Eliza turned two months old yesterday. She and Hallie attended a fun baby shower with several sisters from the branch, and Eliza seemed to enjoy being cuddled and held by all the ladies, and they gave her lots of presents! 
Eliza's shower outfit
Landon loves his little sis!
All bundled up with Sis. Wallace

Look at all the lovely presents! 
Chocolate cupcakes
Visiting with the Stevensons
The girls are working away on one of Eliza's gifts.
This girl has all sorts of dresses and cute outfits, such as the one she wore to church today. As she continues to develop, she is spending longer amounts of time awake. For instance, she was awake and very alert almost the entire time at church today. Dad just carried her around while she looked around or napped or otherwise just hung out. 
In her Sunday best

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