Sunday, April 25, 2010

Time Out For Women

or Valerie and Hallie go to Pittsburgh.

We left Friday and came back Saturday night. We had lots of fun. We were fed by the Spirit, laughed, and cried. We tried a new eatery and went to two of Hallie's favorite spots. The drive was beautiful down and even with rain on the way back the drive was still amazing. We suggest any woman take a chance to go to Time Out For Women.

Valerie in front of the cool L.L. Bean boot.
It would have been perfect if they carried Plus Sizes, but of course I still spent $$$.
Love the Cheesecake Factory! Had to share with Valerie.

Kris Belcher and Valerie. Kris is an amazing speaker, we can all learn from her.
Hilary Weeks, nothing can get better than sitting so close and hearing her sing.
We donated supplies and with all that was donated we made 203 hygiene kits for a Pittsburgh women's shelter. So cool!

Views from the Conference Center. It really was beautiful and I would love to go visit sometime when I had more time.

Great sandwiches! Thanks Lisa for the tip! A great local helped us find it! Thanks for the hospitality!

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Bettina said...

That looks AWESOME! I'll have to go someday.