Saturday, April 10, 2010

Michigan = Loads of Fun

I joined a Mom's group about 18 months ago. I don't do a ton of things with them because lets face it, I am weird. Right now though we have the coolest Kids Outing Coordinator. Renee has planned the greatest events. This last week we went to Dale and Thomas Popcorn. Mike and I love this place so I think we really went for us and not Landon but it didn't hurt to use him as an excuse this time :) Here are some of the pictures from our fun filled afternoon. It all really started with a most yummy lunch from Noodles and Company . Oh if things were just a tiny closer to our little pad.

On Friday evening we were shopping at Lowe's and saw the sign telling about the activity that was happening at the store today for kids. Mike and Landon went out and had a "GUYS" morning out. The item is a small wooden baseball game and it coincides with the Opening Day of the Tigers Baseball Season. It was electric in Detroit and so we put Landon in the spirit by taking him to Lowe's. We will definitely go back next Saturday to make a garden. Landon was so cute when he walked in the house in his get up I could not get over it. I hope this picture does him justice.

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Diamond Evans said...

Landon is such a cutie. I wanted to see the opening Tigers game, but today I get to see the opening Phillies' game; although, they have nothing on the Tiger's.