Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday

There is one advantage to having General Conference so late in the day here out east, especially at Easter. We get to sleep in, have yummy egg soufflé, fruit, and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and this year Landon got to go on an Easter egg hunt provided by the Easter Bunny (er, I mean, our awesome neighbor, Miles)! Spring was out in all her sunny glory here in Michigan. Don't get too jealous. . . .

Later on, we had dinner with the missionaries, and Hallie made a three layer chocolate cake--from scratch, no less--for dessert. Needless to say, between food and candy, the boys were bouncing off the walls before they crashed hard for the night.

This year we tried harder than we have in other years to focus on the religious aspects of the week leading into Easter Sunday. We found a great resource called A Christ-Centered Easter that we used to help us remember our Lord, His Sacrifice, and the hope we have through Him of eternal life. As with Christmas and so many other holidays (holy days), we sometimes get so caught up in the fun that we forget the point we're celebrating: Jesus lives, and through Him, so will we.


Aaron said...

Man, Landon looks so old now--he's such the young man. Great pics.

Diamond Evans said...

Landon is such a cutie.