Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Surprise for the Lucky Kid

I received an email this week saying that Morley/Sanders Candy Co. was having an Easter Preview Party Wednesday Night. They said they had samples and such and so I thought it would be fun for Landon and I go to while Mike was gone to work and... it was so much fun! The samples were amazing! Chocolate covered strawberries, covered cheesecake, cookies, and even hot cocoa. At the end of our sample party Landon was treated to face painting of Elmo and an Elmo balloon. He was in love with his prizes! He was so well behaved and all of the ladies loved him. He even got some good looks when we went to Costco afterwards. He acts so big these days. Telling me he wants to walk through Costco and helping me pick out what pajamas he wants. It is so fun watching him grow up.

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