Saturday, March 13, 2010

For The Birds

As I think we noted before Landon is going to a little class at the Zoo. Each week they talk about different kinds of animals. Today Mike took him and they learned about birds. The two boys had LOTS of fun. I am glad the "craft" you see at the bottom is one I don't need to store or throw away right away.

Here is Landon playing in a tub of fake bird feathers. They later got to hold all kinds of eggs and skulls from birds.

Here is our budding artist. He got a kick over how excited I was to see his shirt when he brought it home.

Mikes new favorite Papi and Me photo

1 comment:

Maygren Family said...

Looks like fun! Nice goatee Mike, or have you had it for awhile...

Anyways, glad you guys are having lots of fun.