Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spiritual Girls Camp

On Friday night the three of us and President Lewis from the Palmer Park Branch drove to visit the girls at Girls Camp. It was a 2 1/2 hour drive and Landon was awake for the whole thing. The camp was in a beautiful area of Michigan. Hot and humid it was and Landon's curls just kept popping out. We experienced the flag lowering ceremony, dinner, a fashion show that Mike was in, and a really nice devotional with Carmen and Sofia. The girls learned a lot and seemed to really have felt the Spirit. It was a great opportunity for us to go and we are glad to went.

Carmen, Jayne, Mike, Sofia, and Landon
Mike dressed as if to go fishing.

Carmen, Landon, and Sofia. Landon loves them!

Landon and Sofia. He loved all of the attention the girls gave him.

Landon's curly hair.

Landon liked Sofia's lanyard.

He fell asleep as we drove into the parking lot. Just my luck.

How I got him to smile for the camera is beyond me but this is a keeper!

Look at those curls!


Aaron said...

I thought and thought about what you meant by "Landon's girls" popping out. Then I read the captions to the pictures and found out! Looks like fun. Patricia went up to the Beehive camp this week and in two weeks the stake will have Rough Camp. Should be fun.

carly said...

oh my goodness! you weren't kidding when you told me about his curls! he must take after his aunt carly! j/k. very cute pictures!

Emma said...

Thanks for writing this.