Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not A Spare Moment, Filled With Tons Of Fun

Some how Wednesdays always seem to be so action packed in our house.

The second Wednesday of every month I have a meeting for Families Supporting Adoption that is 40 miles away. I can't seem to ever get out of the meeting at a reasonable time and that day was no different. No fault other than mine as I am a talker.

By the time I got home this last Wednesday Mike and the Jefferson Elders ( we have 4 sets of Elders ) were painting Landon's room. It was great to have three people painting his room. It was done in no time flat. I fed them Chicken Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches and I will have to admit they were pretty darn tasty.

Shortly after they left I went and picked up Deondre who gave us an estimate on refinishing our floor in the kitchen.

While he was there Carmen came over to be tutored on Math by Pres. Owens. I then dropped Deondre off and returned home to have Jayne and Josh show up within the hour for more tutoring and for Pres. Owens to give the kids blessings before their ACT tests this last Saturday.

Jayne came back later to pick up the kids and we had a blast on the porch. One of the best parts of my house is the porch. If you come to visit you are welcome to join us on the porch. Hope to see you soon.

Elder Robbins painting. Landon was there to cheer the Elders on.

He was smiling just two seconds before I took this picture. He loved standing up watching what was going on in his room.

Elder Robbins and Elder Nielsen

Mike and Landon chillin on the porch. He loves watching the cars, buses, and police go down the street.

Josh definitely has no problem mugging for the camera.

Carmen, Landon, and Mike hanging out on the patriotic porch.

Our house from across the street. I love it!

Deondre and Josh.

Jayne and Josh, mother and son. Josh plays football for Ecorse High School. This last Saturday we put Landon in his size 15 shoes and his helmet and Landon loved it!

Landon and Poppy still chillin. It was a beautiful night and we have had several lately.

Landon found his fingers. Darn it!

One of his nicknames is Albert Einstein because of his crazy hair.

Yes, he is favoring his left thumb.

Landon is so crazy. We are so lucky to have a kid that is pretty darn mellow and loves the ladies! Today at church our friend Penelope had him for nearly two hours while I did Primary and Pres. Owens was busy with the Branch. We are so grateful to her and so many countless others who play with him and love him to bits. Most of the kids love him as well and he thinks it is so fun to smile and make faces at them during Sacrament. Like Mike has said, "Never A Dull Moment."

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