Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No Better Way

Well, I turned 33 last Sunday. And I spent the weekend with the boys and I would not have done it any differently. Friday we got lunch and went to Belle Isle Park. It was BEAUTIFUL! I love living in Detroit. How lucky we are to have a park like that. Afterwards we drove to a yummy pizza joint called Pizza Papalis that I read about on a friend's blog.

Saturday we went to the West Park Farmers Market. It was opening weekend and it is not very big but it was a nice little walk from our house. We then drove out to Royal Oak and ate breakfast at Cafe Muse (which was rated in Esquire Magazine to have one of the best sandwiches in the U.S.) and really enjoyed ourselves and all of the ladies enjoyed Landon. After stuffing ourselves at breakfast we walked the streets of downtown Royal Oak and went into some eclectic shops and Landon saw his first train. After our little jaunt we headed over to Detroit's Historic Eastern Market. Wish we had some cash on us as boy there were LOTS of plants we wanted to buy. Gave us a lot of things to think about for our garden we want to plant. We topped off our evening by taking a trip to Coldstone for my free ice cream. It was so big that is what I had for lunch and dinner, but boy did I love it.

My actual birthday, Sunday, was dumb as it was Branch Conference and we spent seven hours at church, but most Sundays are like that, so not much different. Then the missionaries came over and stayed until after 9:00 pm. Sure glad I celebrated the days before. I think deep down I am a big birthday celebrator so I hope as Landon gets older he will really love his birthdays.

When I went to get Landon up from one of his naps today he made me laugh. I opened the door to his room and he was moving around his crib like a dolphin with the biggest grin in the world and I love those little bottom two teeth. I then picked him up to change his diaper and he was jumping in my arm like a Jack - in - the - Box. I am in love with his enthusiasm.


Aaron said...

I love the bottom right picture at the top of this post. Happy Birthday--glad you had a nice weekend.

Kamie said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I love birthdays too!

Hope you guys are doing well.

Much Love!

The Michiganders said...

Pizza Papalis. Yum. Hope you liked it--and especially hope you had a wonderful birthday.