Friday, May 16, 2008

The First Time

My first Mother's Day was great! Poppy made me all kinds of fun things for breakfast and it was yummy! Landon gave me ( via Grandpa Owens) a great digital frame! As soon as it came in the mail Mike helped me quickly load it with all of our favorite Landon photos. I love looking at it while we work on our Eric Dowdle puzzle of Santa Barbara. A fun little side note while in Utah we went to the gallery at Thanksgiving Point where Eric Dowdle has his art and while looking around he came and spoke to us. He was a great guy to talk to and had some great thoughts regarding church membership. This is the third time we have met him and love his art work. Another thought I had about Mother's Day is in all honesty it is more fun to actually celebrate Mother's Day by having a child or have had children than it is to be one of the 18 years and older women to stand up to receive your chocolate or flower in Sacrament. I understand the idea why they make everyone stand up but there was definitely something behind having a child in your arms, even if he did not come out of my guts. I in turn give Natalie all the credit for helping me be able to finally celebrate this day.

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