Sunday, August 26, 2018

Another Summer Gone, Another School Year Begun

The kids and Hallie started another school year this week. We also managed to have some fun, including an overnight camp and plenty of outdoor play.

Monday - The last day of summer vacation. Landon was not happy in the least bit that summer was ending, and it was a battle of wills to get him to go and meet his new teacher in the afternoon. The kids practices times finally sink up. Hallie babysits Lily on Mondays and Wednesdays, and both kids have practice. On Monday, August 26, Eliza will find out if she officially moves to Level 3 or stays on Level 2. For a cutie who said she didn’t want to do gymnastics anymore, she is a bit nervous. The kids officially met their new teachers in the afternoon, and it was a lot of fun to be back in the school with all of the fun new year energy about us. Mike and Hallie signed up for all that they could and know that they will be used throughout the year.

Tuesday - Hallie and the kids all headed off to school today.

Mike came to school to volunteer at recess for the lower grades. Eliza was happy to see her dad out at recess and to hang out with her for a bit. Hallie ran to Orem to get her nails done, including one with a little red apple to start the school year off. Landon’s favorite cookie is oatmeal raisin, and in Hallie’s attempt to be a mom she decided to make him cookies in what little time she had left before pick up. The bottom line is there wasn’t enough time to make cookies, but she tried anyway. Mike finished up with the cookies, and although Hallie’s efforts made her late to pick up Landon (who has to get out early now everyday to get to gym on time), Landon did get some yummy cookies. Landon missed Hallie and by the end of it all Landon was late to gymnastics by 15 minutes. However, on the way to gym Hallie got a phone call from a neighbor mom wondering if she had Eliza. No, Hallie did not have Eliza, and at this point Hallie’s frustration had hit the point of tears. Where was Eliza? And all of the other concerning questions came quickly to the surface. Thank heavens a few minutes later Hallie got a text saying Eliza had been found. Mike had gone up to school just to make sure everything went OK, and he got her home fine. Communication with Eliza is trying to be improved each day.

Wednesday - Day two is in front of us. The day was good for Hallie at work, and the kids seemed to like school. Landon was out front of the school at the right time, now a bit hypersensitive to what time he should be out front. Eliza was supposed to meet up with neighbor girls and walk home. However, it started raining shortly after Hallie got to the gym with Landon; Mike was home, and we were hopping Eliza would make it home on her own. After a bit of a search, we did find her. Two days in a row of not being where she is supposed to be makes Hallie a bit nervous with how the coming school year is going to end up. When Hallie pulled up to gymnastics, she saw the Office Manager get out of her car with her kids. The staff forgot to call and tell Hallie that she would be babysitting three extra kids tonight. They are good kids, but Hallie has been really tired with her sleep apnea and had hoped to take Lily home so she could get some stuff around the house done -- no such luck. Mike was kind and came home from campus to pick up Eliza when she was done. Landon waited until Hallie was done babysitting and Hallie could pass off Lily (who had fallen asleep on Hallie’s lap) to him.

Thursday - At the school we have not started seeing any students yet in the Special Ed Department, so Hallie has been doing a lot of prep work to get ready for the big day on Tuesday. Hallie is enjoying starting the school year out with everyone and getting to know her classroom better. Starting in the middle of the year last year was good, but Hallie always felt like she didn’t know enough. Now things are looking up, and she is getting excited to see the students. Landon was right out front again for gymnastics, and Eliza met Mike and the neighbors by the big tree, and everyone made it home safely. At gymnastics today Landon learned how to do a double back on the trampoline, and he was so proud of himself and asked Mom to film him. Hallie loves it when he asks her to film him because she knows then he is happy and loving what he is doing.

Mike and Eliza spent a nice bit of time together as they went to the Tiny Home Ventures at University Place.

Friday - Seems to be a bit of a blur. Work for the three, and gymnastics for the three as well. Landon had practice, Eliza had practice, and Mom had to do a little presentation at the Boys Yearly Team Meeting and took samples of an item we will be selling in the spring. After Landon’s practice, Mike picked up Landon, and the two boys headed off to a father-and-son campout with our church congregation. Mike basically didn't see Landon from when they arrived until Landon crawled into the tent sometime after 10:00 pm.

Eliza and Hallie went to Cafe Rio for some yummy dinner and finally got home close to 8:30. The girls watched Frozen, and Hallie fell asleep and woke up to Eliza still wide awake watching another show around 11:15 pm. The girls dragged themselves upstairs and went to sleep. 

Saturday - Hallie woke the next morning with a pulled muscle in her neck. The boys got home not too long after the girls made it downstairs. Eliza and Hallie left to meet Grandma M. so they could do a little shopping in Lindon. Landon and Mike headed to Springville High School to pick up some yummy food we bought from a girl on Springville High School Volleyball team as part of a fundraiser. In the late afternoon we all walked over to see some new townhomes that are being built near us. As we got there and peeked in the windows we noticed the floorplan looked exactly like the one we live in, and it was kind of fun to see the subtle differences in the ducts and elevations. Hallie and Eliza headed to Costco to pick up some groceries and then to Smith’s to pick up a few more odds and ends. After the girls got home, a lot of the neighbors ended up pulling into the driveway at the same time, and Hallie spent some time out chatting with everyone. We have a great neighborhood!

Sunday - Eliza woke up super late, so we did not go to Stake Conference. We had a low key day around the house. In the afternoon we went to relatives home for dinner celebrating a birthday. It is fun getting to know extended family that we did not know before and who we see at church and at school on a regular basis.

Eliza decided Fergus, who after killing two voles overnight was resting quite happily, needed a crown.

In the evening we watched the movie Secretariat as a family.

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