Sunday, December 18, 2016

You Know It’s a Good Party When . . .

. . . you’re too busy to take pictures!

Party season is in full swing as we wind up the year and celebrate the Yuletide. We got so caught up in the festivities that we forgot to take pictures. Then some of us got sick. Here’s hoping words will suffice.

Mike had his last classes of the semester on Tuesday. Now for grading. . . .

On Wednesday, Hallie dropped Eliza off at gymnastics, and she was hoping to go buy supplies for the crafts for the kids’ class Christmas parties until she realized that she had left her wallet at home. Bummer.

So, after working with a student in Oxnard, Mike helped Hallie out by going shopping for some of the elements we needed. In the meantime, while Landon was at gymnastics, Hallie ran errands with Eliza which included stopping off at the Maygren/Hopkins house where Eliza helped Uncle Shad and Cru put up Christmas lights on the house. She loved going up the ladder even in the rain. Hallie went with Carly, Sawyer, and Finnley to Costco, where the girls behaved so well. It is fun being the aunt to little ones. After leaving Thousand Oaks, Hallie and Eliza stopped by Ross for a last chance effort to find pajamas for Mom for the next day of fun at school. We walked in, found the pajama area, and discovered that Ross had one pair in Hallie’s size. Hallie tried it on for good measure and was so excited that a Large fit. “What a great benefit of losing 92 pounds!” Hallie exclaimed.

Realizing a bit late that a fair amount of prep work would need to happen if we were to get the projects completed in a timely manner in class, we ended up staying up really late (for us) gluing and pre-packaging the materials. We made hot cocoa mix reindeer heads, glass globe reindeer, and reindeer food, and clothespin snowflakes. Perhaps we should have stuck with the reindeer theme because the clothespins were a lot of work! 

Friday’s theme was all about mornings. At Las Posas, we had Pajama Day. We all wore our pajamas to school. We’re so thankful for the moms who came in to lend support. We probably are too ambitious for our own good trying to do multiple activities, but it must be that “go big or go home” mindset that keeps us coming back for more.

We didn’t have a lot of time to rest after the parties before we were back on the road, this time to meet up with cousins at a Primary Christmas party in Thousand Oaks. They served breakfast, so we (still in pajamas from school) were dressed exactly right for the occasion! Grandma and Grandpa O. dropped Alie off so she could participate and also get the chance to stay overnight with us.

Eliza woke up crabby on Saturday, so we kept her home from gymnastics. She took a long nap in the morning, got a burst of energy that she used to help Mike hang up Christmas lights (yay! More ladder climbing! Up to the roof this time!), and then played cuddle-up-to-Mike and fell asleep again until Hallie and Landon got back from gymnastics and dropping Alie back off at home. For the rest of the day, Eliza cuddled up to Hallie. This may explain why Hallie started feeling under the weather by evening.

Mike and Landon went to the ward Christmas party in the evening. Earlier in the day, Mike had been asked to participate in the program by reading the story Trouble at the Inn by Dina Donahue. He managed to hold it together through the treading (it’s a tender tale).

We all stayed home sick or looking after the sick today. Maybe all that partying finally caught up to us! 

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