Saturday, December 31, 2016

Closing Out 2016

We close out our second full year in Camarillo with some well-needed rain, the kids at least as wild as ever, and Hallie almost half the woman she used to be. As this was a staycation week spent near home, we didn’t do a whole lot or take many photos. With Grandpa’s birthday, our friend Jenny’s visit, and New Year’s celebrations, we did have fun to round things out.

On Monday, we saw Sing at the movies with Alyssa and Abbie. After the movie Eliza went to Abbie’s house for a couple of hours. The two girls had a lot of fun together, and we are so happy to have these newer friends in our lives. Mike went with wild abandon to Van Heusen to spend a gift card he received on new clothes. He did an excellent job picking out a new blazer!

It was good having some down time before gymnastics on Tuesday. Hallie took Landon to gymnastics in the evening while Mike and Eliza ran some errands. Our total time has not changed at gymnastics but the way practice is structured has changed, and Hallie mentioned once this week that it was a religious experience. Having two kids with one amazing coach for two hours was great!!! One errand including picking up some yummy tamales from the Berro family. Thank you!

On Wednesday Eliza had gymnastics. Joe Dixon on Level 10 at gymnastics signed to go to UC Berkley tonight. It is fun to see the boys succeed, and Landon loves being a part of the Victory Family.

Even though it is Christmas break Mike still met with one student in person and another by phone in the evening.

Aunt Breanne went into labor a few weeks early on Thursday, and her and Riley’s twin girls Norah and Harper were born healthy and are in the NICU putting on a little weight before coming home.

Mike worked in the late afternoon, Landon had gymnastics, and Hallie – who joined 3 Elements (the gym in the gym) yesterday – committed to coming to her first class tonight. 3 Elements is class based, and it was hard, but Hallie lasted the whole class, which was the goal. Yay!!!
Friday afternoon Jenny came to visit, and it is always nice to have Jenny in our home. Eliza especially loved Jenny’s visit and the time she was able to spend with two very special American Girl doll twins. Mike made a very yummy chicken, bacon, and spinach spaghetti dinner. We had to celebrate National Bacon Day! In the evening we went to Grandpa M’s house to celebrate his birthday. It is always fun to be with family.

Landon, Hallie, and Jenny spent time on a walk on Saturday morning after we had a bout of rain. It has been so nice to receive so much rain in our dried-out neck of the woods. We celebrated New Year’s on Saturday night with a movie and Martinelli’s. Church starts bright and early at 9:00 a.m., so we’re in for early mornings all 2017 long.  

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