Sunday, March 06, 2016

Runaway Roxy

We had a bit of excitement this week when Roxy, the cute dog that we walk, got out of her collar and ran into traffic. Fortunately, we caught her and brought her back home safe. The rest of the week paled in comparison, even with Saturday night’s the wild rainstorm and Uncle Shad's birthday.

Tuesday was Kinder Egg day. So happy!

Since our life is really quite boring and Hallie thought Landon needed yet another activity to do, she signed him up for a LEGO Club that is being run through our school district. He had his first meeting on Tuesday. Teams of six are put together and are run by a leader and assistant (Mike is our team’s assistant). Most of the team members are from church, so that makes it a fun time for Landon since he does not see most of his church friends during the week. The theme is garbage, and he seemed to have a fun time.
Kiddos wrestling after school before the club

Eliza has discovered how to reach the high cupboards. Sheesh.

She also has more art to share.

Hallie spent an hour or so on Thursday at Landon’s school volunteering during this year’s Bagels and Books event. Every year during Book Fair Week the PTA opens the fair early before school. Our schedule is crazy this year, and this was the only Hallie has been able to help out with the PTA. It wasn’t very busy, she stayed away from the bagels, and the kids had fun shopping while Mom was there. Landon bought himself a LEGO Ninjago book (surprise), and Eliza bought a book about dinosaurs. She may have been attracted to her book by the “dinosaur tooth” necklace on the front cover, which she wore with pride to school.

On Friday morning, Hallie had her nails done and made a visit to the beach. Very nice! 

Intermittent rain throughout the winter has led to blooms all around in the trees, in the fields, and in people's yards all around. 
Roxy's escape happened not long after the above photo was taken. 

Mike taught his CLU doctoral class on Friday night, so Hallie thought it would be a bright idea to send the kids to Victory Night. In the end, she decided it wasn’t such a bright idea. She couldn’t find any decent movie to watch at the theater during that time, and eating out alone is no fun, so she came home to clean the house. Yay. The kids had fun as usual and never seem to be tired after five hours of activity between regular practice and the extra night out.

Almost every time Landon has gotten his haircut recently, Eliza has asked why she can’t get her hair cut. When we asked her how short she wanted it, she couldn’t really tell us, but she did say it is hot and her hair is in her face. Hallie mentioned how she could get it short enough to still put it in a ponytail, and Eliza agreed to that. So, after dropping Mike off for a presentation at CLU Saturday morning, the kids and Hallie headed over to Westlake to visit Hallie’s new friend and hairstylist Kasea (Kay-See) Cummings. Kasea had her two cute girls in the salon, and they were great entertainment for Eliza. Soon it was Eliza’s turn to get her hair washed and for the cutting to commence. Eliza was so still for Kasea and looks cute as a button. It is still taking a bit to get used to so much hair being chopped off, but Eliza seems to love it, and that is all that matters. Oh, and the curl has bounced back, so Dad and Mom are happy.

The kids come with Hallie to choir practice on Sundays, so they get a chance to visit with the Browns' dogs, who enjoy the kids' company. 
Happiness is a belly rub. 

The kids had some artwork related to the creation of the world on display at church. 

Landon gave a great little talk on how the Lord uses prophets to teach us how to obtain God's promised blessings for us.

We celebrated Uncle Shad's birthday a little early in the evening with fajitas and carrot cake. Yum! Before dinner, Mike and Shad tried to get some photos of the cousins, with mixed results.

Then, on to dinner and cake! 

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