Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rain, Routines, and a Time Out

We didn’t get as much rain in February as we’d hoped, so we appreciated some March rain this week. Not a lot of photos, but a fair amount of activity over the weekend. 

Tuesday Hallie had her last doctor appointment before meeting with surgeons. Technically she has to “graduate” from class also, but that is just being a warm body in a classroom for the next several Thursdays. At this doctor’s appointment they weighed her, and she had successfully met her 10% weight loss goal. What a great achievement for Hallie! The family is so excited for her.

Thursday brought a bit o’fun. Hallie and her mom did a little bit of shopping and picked up Eliza from school. The kids find it fun whenever Mom brings someone with her to pick them up. In the evening Hallie and the other participants in her nutrition class had to walk together for 15 minutes. The little activity was silly, but they made it fun by adding music and making sure everyone made it through the 15 minutes with happy hearts.

Thursday night into Friday morning, we got some welcome rain. It keeps the hills green and the wildflowers in bloom. So nice! The winter weather has made for really big strawberries. Yum! 

Hallie and some ladies from our ward attended Time Out forWomen over the weekend. Friday Hallie and Julia hit the road for the Long Beach Convention Center at 3:00 pm and made it 2½ hours later. The talks and music were great, and getting to know someone better was well worth the trip. In a whole convention center full of people, the ladies ran into the Brown/Norgard family. The ladies all sat together and had a lot of fun.

Mike had the kids from Friday through Saturday, which meant the kids ran the house. On Saturday morning, they went to rePlanet to recycle a bunch of the cans and bottles Landon has collected. He made close to $50 for scout camp! At about 5¢ each can or bottle, around 1,000 filled up the garage and KIA, and it took a while to put them all—one by one—into the feeder. Perhaps that’s why the recyclers suggest a 50 unit limit. We still have two huge bags and more to come. Thanks to all who have contributed to the cause!

Sunday started off a bit crazy with Daylight Savings Time, Hallie preparing a talk, Mike going to meetings, Hallie having choir, and church. 

Once sacrament meeting started and Hallie presented her talk, we could all take a deep breath and relax for the rest of the day. Hallie enjoyed a bit of a chat with Grandma Dorey and Diamond in the afternoon. 

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