Sunday, November 15, 2015

That Week Went By Fast!

Considering all the build-up to Landon’s baptism, this following week flew right by us.

We had a couple of more days with the Grandma and Grandpa D. before they headed back east. On Monday, Mike’s dad got us into the Reagan Library.

Thanks for coming out to see us! Safe travels!

Here is a selection of random happiness for the week. First, art:

Next, the girl and her kitty:

One of Mike’s coworkers owns a 1919 Model T Ford and he brought it in:

Fall is trying to show itself:

The girl tried her hand at building a little LEGO town:

She’s also enjoying getting another couple of days of gymnastics:

On Saturday, the kids went to a birthday party for Carrie and John’s kids. Afterwards, we went to a LEGO Star Wars build at Toys “R” Us.

Eliza spoke in Primary at church. Blue Dad McFleece also made an appearance!

We got a little rain shower to liven up the afternoon, a little taste of El Niño. Then the sun came back. We'll take whatever we can get. 

Our hearts go out to the victims of the terror attacks in Lebanon and Paris. We don't have regular TV, so we don't always catch all the news. We stand in solidarity with you. 

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