Sunday, November 08, 2015

Landon's First Big Rite of Passage

Landon got baptized this week, and we celebrated with friends and family from near and far. We’re grateful for our special guy at this important time in his life, and we look forward to great things to come in his life.

The week started off with us recovering from Halloween and trying to make sure the kids (and the grown-ups) didn’t overindulge on their treats. Eliza brought home fun artwork from last week's themes. 

Landon had his first cub scout meeting on Tuesday. The boys talked with a police officer about his work as a community helper. When Landon found out the meeting was at the church, he was very disappointed that the meeting was not going to be in a forest. Landon went anyway and had so much fun!

A couple of families have moved or will be moving from the ward soon. On Wednesday, one of the families hosted a little farewell cookie party.

Later that evening, Hallie picked up Grandma and Grandpa D., who had flown in all the way from Nova Scotia. They were dog tired from the trip, but we sure were happy to see them. It’s hard to believe it’s been over three years since we last saw each other in person!

The following morning, after Grandma and Grandpa got some rest, we drove down to the Los Angeles Temple, where they and Hallie took in an endowment session while Mike looked after the kids at the temple visitors’ center. After getting back together, we went to Diddy Riese and then home so we could get to the BMX track.

Grandma M. and our friend Kristen came down to the track too, and we all watched Landon and Eliza get 2nd and 3rd place in their races (it helped that there were only three racers in their category).

On Friday we started preparing in earnest for Landon’s baptism and belated birthday party. While Hallie, Eliza, Grandma, and Grandpa ran errands, Mike and Landon set up tables and chairs in the neighborhood clubhouse.

Later on, Mike met with a student while everyone else went to gymnastics. He got to have a visit with Grandma and Grandpa O. and Alie, and then everyone else came home. We introduced Neil to In-N-Out Burger. He found the banana peppers to be quite potent, but he enjoyed the burger (except for the brown paper wrapper).

The big day finally arrived on Saturday. Mike had work, and while he was on campus the rest of the crew cooked and cooked and cooked some more. Landon went to a birthday party for a friend. After Hallie brought Mike back home, we set about getting the clubhouse ready, picked up Landon, got dressed, and then went to church for his baptism.

What a special time for our big guy! We felt grateful to see so many family members and friends old and new come out to support him on this significant day in his life. Dad not only got to baptize and confirm Landon, but he also was asked to speak at the service.

After the baptism, we had Landon’s birthday party. He chose a Ninjago theme, and we had Café Rio-style salads. Again, we enjoyed another chance to visit with family, friends, and neighbors. After the festivities finally wound to a close, and after we cleaned everything up, we had a chance to settle down and crash. Phew!

We had a relaxing Sunday. Well, except for Mike. He had a talk to give in sacrament meeting on creating and carrying out a family mission plan. After church, we drove up to Santa Barbara to visit the mission, tool around town, and stroll along the beach and wharf. 

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