Sunday, October 18, 2015

Keepin’ on Track

We had the first conference of the year with Landon’s teacher. He’s right on track. The kids got to ride a couple of days at Freedom Park this week. Again, they’re keeping right on track!

Beyond shorter school days for Landon, most of the rest of the week went by routinely. Enjoy the pics!

First off, some art from Eliza. 

We took Landon to the Scout Store to buy him gear for Cub Scouts, which he'll be starting soon.
He found his Wolf Scout Guidebook a great read.

On to the track: After getting his pants caught a couple of times too many in his chain, we opted for an early birthday gift of race gear.

In addition to making him highly visible, the outfit's colors show off some CLU Kingsmen pride!

Eliza will have to wait a bit longer for gear of her own. Good to know it comes in her favorite color.

Until then, she rides like a blur. In fact, she went straight up an incline. . . . and then tumbled straight down. Dusting herself of, she called out a characteristic, "I'm OK!"

And more art.

Saturday morning we built some fire trucks we had received from last week's building activity.

Well done! 

California Cartwheel Center had a Halloween-themed Kids' Night Out. While the kids tumbled and ate pizza and other treats, Mom and Dad had a nice sit-down dinner. We even had enough time for Mike to be able to conduct the baptismal service for the newest members of our ward, the Yumong family. We're happy to welcome this great family!
Landon dressed as a ninja. Can you find him?

Eliza took to great heights as a bee.
 And more art.

After church Sunday, we paid a visit to Grandpa and Grandma O. The kids love getting into little adventures while they're there. We finally are having a couple of days that feel like fall. Apparently it's just a short reprieve from the heat, but we'll take it. Hopefully the weather will get on track soon.  

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