Sunday, October 04, 2015

Art, Birthday, and Conference

Eliza brought home fun art from school, Landon started gymnastics pre-team, we celebrated Grandma M.’s birthday, and we viewed General Conference this week.

Mike has had to rent a car several times this past month, and the last car he rented was a black 2-door Ford Mustang. The kids saw it for the first time when they were getting ready to leave for school, and you would have thought it was Christmas by the looks on their faces and the shouts of glee that came from them. Eliza proclaimed, “That car is incredible! It plays dude music!”

Landon finished his series of occupational therapy sessions this week. Thanks, Mr. Scott, for all your help! Mr. Scott was perfect for Landon. We were grateful for Ms. Maggie too. Scott was Landon’s first male O.T., and the boy has a lot of fun with him, especially on the days when they would challenge each other physically. It didn’t hurt that Mr. Scott had ADHD too and was a great resource to Hallie. Speaking of Hallie, she is a tad bit happy to lighten her driving load on Mondays. Landon’s teacher will be happy he can stay for the last hour of school.

Eliza was supposed to have gymnastics today, but in the hurry scurry of our lives, Hallie forgot to take her. Thank heavens for makeups.

On Tuesday morning while Eliza was at school, Hallie had the opportunity to perform service for a great family in our ward. A sweet young mom had emergency appendectomy surgery last Saturday. Her husband is a doctoral student and is gone often and they have a two-year-old and a set of twins that are six months old. Hallie was more than happy to go and hold babies and to play with a very sweet and smart little two-year-old. Being a stay at home mom can have its perks.

Eliza and Landon both did art with Carrie, making Halloween-themed glass luminaries. Eliza’s favorite part of art class is when she turns the paint on herself, usually her face. We love when Carrie comes over and shares her talent with the children.

Eliza learned all about the letter B.

We celebrated Grandma’s birthday with presents and chocolate cake.

Hallie commented that Thursday was the least busy day she has had since school has started, thanks to Mike. Mike took both kids to school, picked up Eliza, and then picked up Landon a bit later. Hallie was able take care of things in the home she wanted to tackle, and she even showered in the middle of the day! It was a mini vacation she was happy to have. The kids spent the evening with some cute neighbor boys riding bikes and scooters. We are grateful for cooler temperatures in the evening the last few days. They may not last long, but we will relish in what we have.

Friday was relatively calm. This was the first practice for Landon on pre-team. Landon said he was a bit nervous, but when we got there the boys welcomed him with open arms, and he said practice was actually a bit too easy. Hallie met Coach Shane after practice, and he seems to be a very nice man. Victory and their staff have been great so far, and so have many of the moms Hallie has met along the way. After practice, the kids and Hallie headed to Costco for dinner and some grocery shopping until it was time to pick up Mike from work. Hallie has decided grocery shopping for an hour in Costco on a Friday night with our two children may not happen again unless she absolutely had to in case of an emergency. J

Over the weekend we watched General Conference as we ate breakfast of egg soufflé and Costco muffins. To get the kids to pay a bit more attention, Hallie printed up BINGO papers and conference note pages. Skittles ended up being the big hit of the two days. We are grateful for the words of council we received, and we will work to improve our Sabbath day observance and to be better disciples of Christ and parents to our children.

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