Sunday, July 12, 2015

Old Toys and a New Baby

The kids played with hand-me-down toys, and Mike’s sister Emily gave birth to our newest family member, Laura Grace. Time to celebrate!

Summer is humming along, and the kids are taking it all in with gusto.

Eliza received some dolls a while back from a sister in the ward who recently moved. She enjoyed playing mommy and nurturing all her little ones.

We also received some colorful origami paper. With help from one of Dad’s origami instruction books, we made some gifts for Mom.

Landon demonstrated his design skills with several original spacecraft models. We’ll have to see where his imaginations takes him in the future!

After wearing him down over several months, Mike finally relented and let the kids play with his stash of 1980s era Transformers. He’s been waiting for the kids to get old enough to play nicely and not break them right away.

Nice cap! 

Later, Eliza practiced her ballet dancing skills.

On Thursday, Hallie took the kids to an indoor play scape.

Then the missionaries came over for dinner.
Elders Toa and Bradley

Hallie took the kids to see Minions on Friday while Mike was up at work. Afterwards, we drove out to see Emily, who had gone into labor in the morning. By the time we got to the hospital, she had just given birth to baby Laura.

Welcome to the world, Laura Grace!

And here’s one more shot of the kids doing what they do on a Saturday afternoon. Enjoy!

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