Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cow Appreciation and More Nostalgia

As we race through the summer, we're beginning to experience a return to some activities we did last year. Having settled into our home, we're also working on clearing out those things we haven't used since moving from Michigan. We're also finally using items we have held onto in the hope they would get some more love from the rising generation. 

Last week, Fergus brought a lizard into the house. As we were cleaning the family room, we found the lizard hiding behind the couch. Mike caught it and whisked safely outside.

Earlier in the day, the kids built a blanket fort as a place to do their studies.

We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows with our neighbor Samson for family home evening.  

On Tuesday morning, Hallie, Carrie, and the kids all went down to the pool. Hallie got a little too toasted.

Later on, we dressed up like cows to get free chicken meals at Chick-Fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day. Good stuff!

Over the July 4th weekend, we got a desk that we’re using for now as a work station for Mike. We made space for it in the master bedroom. Eventually we plan to refinish it for the kids to use (maybe, assuming Mike doesn’t just keep it for himself!). Landon got a new nightstand and lamp out of the deal. 
Note the neat LEGO robot: A Landon original

Hallie went to a Relief Society activity where she exchanged materials we weren’t using from our house for some gently used clothes for Eliza.

We booked Grandma and Grandpa D.’s flight for Landon’s baptism in November. Woo hoo!

The garden is bearing some fruit, but Mike's beginning to think the diapers-in-the soil idea wasn't so hot. Live and learn. 

Landon’s body has had a bit of a rough time this week. All part of growing up. First, he fell on his bike and scraped up his arm. Then he lost his tooth Friday as he was eating breakfast.

The kids continue following Mike down Nostalgia Lane. This week, they discovered some of Mike’s old books that have been sitting in the upstairs bookcase waiting to be appreciated anew: The Daily Blab and Questar: Illustrated Science Fiction Classics. No better time than the present to introduce the kids to the wonders of illustrator Ron Barrett and sci fi masters such as John W. Campbell (er, well, maybe some things should wait)!
Inspiration for the 1951 and 1982 films  

Mike taught Friday and Saturday, and he’ll be occupied teaching at least one Friday and/or Saturday for the coming few weeks. Work is a blessing, even if the schedule is a little less than ideal sometimes. It makes the weekday fun possible!

The kids have worked hard this week at learning how to clean their rooms, and we’ve received some help from a lady in our stake who has come over to do some tidying up.  

We got rain on Saturday, and you’d think we never saw rain before for how the kids responded.

Earlier in the week, Mike had been reminded of a traditional Paraguayan dish called reviro he learned about from a lady he baptized on his mission. With the rain as inspiration, he made it for the kids. He’s not sure whether he did it right, but he followed the directions he found online, and it looked right. The kids seemed to like it well enough.

The rain brought uncomfortable humidity to go with the summer heat on Sunday. Air conditioning was meant for days like today. Too bad all we have are fans to cool us down. We spent the afternoon hoping that the heavy feel in the air would give way to refreshing rain by evening. Blessed relief finally did arrive, bringing welcome showers and breezes to end the day.

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