Sunday, May 31, 2015

What? A Year Already?

A year ago we were still on the road back to California. We had crossed the country and were staying with Riley, Breanne, and Porter in Washington. Hard to believe it’s been a year since we left our home and friends in Michigan. During that time, we have begun to set down new roots, but we have also started to feel a bit of the old wanderlust. Hallie mentioned to Mike that she wants to go out on another real adventure. Mike’s going to Japan for school in a couple of weeks. Too bad he can’t bring her and the kids along!

We sailed through the week running many of our common errands. We all seem to be suffering from allergies. Apparently all the flowering plants around here can have that effect.

We had a little drama with a broken garage door . . .  
Just a minor thingy, except when it isn't.

. . . and then some more when Landon got stung by a bee when he was playing after school.
One of these ankles is not like the other. 

Landon showed off some of his personality.

Eliza danced and jumped to her heart's content. 

Another family in our ward is moving away. They gave away a few items. Eliza played at being a mommy with dolls she received.

Later on, she got to put her practice to use when she and Hallie visited Sawyer. 

Landon started learning how to in-line skate with what he received.

Eliza got some of that action too, but the skates are just a little too heavy for her just yet. If history holds true to the present, she’ll be following in his footsteps soon enough.

On Sunday, cousins Cru and Sawyer and Aunt Carly came to visit. The kids sure enjoy having their cousins over! 

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Gram B said...

It looks like you all had a good week. We miss you all and your smiling faces.