Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons

We had a full weekend with mommy-daughter and daddy-son activities. It's a quick entry this week. More fun and pics to follow next week.

First, some art from Eliza:

And some Lego militiamen from Landon.
Are those peasants carrying pitchforks? 

Fergus and an alligator lizard had a standoff. The lizard survived, thanks to Landon who took Fergus in to save the lizard.

The garden is coming along. We actually have our first zucchini in there somewhere.

The boy got hold of the camera carrying the phone to his mama.

Strange stuff fell from the sky on Thursday. The kids weren't sure what to do about it, so they went and played.

Landon, always ready to give us a surprise: This surprise came after Hallie received a small cut on the bottom of her foot from a piece of glass hidden in the carpet. Everyone worked quickly and calmly to help put the Band-Aid into place.

Mike attended his first graduation ceremony for grad students at Cal Lutheran on Friday. We thought we would get rained on, but the clouds and breeze made for a perfect outdoor ceremony.

Hallie got herself a new 'do. Niiice!
What a hottie!
Friday afternoon, Mike's dad and our nephew Haydn came over to pick up Mike and Landon to take them down to Pt. Mugu State Park for this year's Father and Sons outing. While the boys were away, the girls played. They went to Red Robin for dinner and did a bit of shopping. Eliza said afterwards that she had fun but didn't like how the car next to Hallie parked so close they almost couldn't get in the car.

While the girls ate yummy food, the boys camped out at the La Jolla group campground.

Landon found a curved stick, and Mike made him a bow. Landon honed his skills at making arrows with the help of Grandpa's pocket knife.

Artsy shot of little Apollo

Back to the girls and their finds shopping.

Meanwhile, the boys told stories and made s'mores around the fire.

The next morning: Look at the view!
It's a great day in Pt. Mugu, CA!
 Breakfast of French toast, oranges, sausage, and Tang. . .

. . . topped off by a chocolate bar from Rolling Pin!

Thanks, Grandpa, for the great time! Eliza wants to come next time, with Shep too. 

We celebrated Sawyer's first birthday with family and friends. Such a little cut-up! 

Swordplay ensued among the kids, with predictable results. 
We value that the kids are able to share so many ordinary and special times with their cousins and grandparents. We all still feel the pangs of missing our Michigan home and friends (it is, after all, an amazing place!) and how we could go to so many places and people Back East we love, but we know there's no replacement for these experiences here and now, and we are grateful to be here! 

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