Sunday, September 14, 2014

Turning Up the Heat

While we knew that we would experience different weather patterns in California than Michigan, this endless summer makes us hearken back to the crisp feel of the autumn air in Michigan (which does fall better than anywhere we’ve ever lived). Still, the days are getting shorter, the nights cool down quite nicely, and the summer sun continues to shine warm and bright. We won’t complain, not at all. Michigan friends, do send pics as the leaves change! We’ll return the favor with some February sun shots. Hallie even dressed Eliza in an outfit appropriate for church on a late summer/early autumn Sunday in SoCal: A sleeveless white dress and fall colored ribbons in her hair and a perfect tan to add to the perfection.  

Like last week, we don’t have many pictures or events from the middle of the week. Hallie realized part of the lack of pictures is due to her old new phone. April can’t come soon enough when she gets a phone that works better. Or she needs to go find a digital camera to start snapping away with. When Mike was up on campus this last week, he finished putting his office together, finally deciding to pull out some of his bigger old LEGO sets to put on display. He has drawn inspiration from how other faculty in the college here have really taken pains to personalize their workspaces.

As with last week, most of our non-routine activity took place on the weekend. Mike had classes on Friday night and Saturday, so Hallie had the kids all day after she dropped him off at work on Saturday morning. She picked up cousin Cru, and then the gang all returned to Camarillo, first for a visit to the library and then down to Constitution Park.

At the library, they participated in a pirate-themed activity. After the pirate performer sang a few songs, the kids got more involved, clapping along with their moms pushing. By the end, they even got up to shake maracas. At the conclusion of the music and dancing the group headed into the library to make pirate hats and check out a nice stack of books. Cru and Landon were both eager to check out books from the Magic Tree House series.  

At the park, they attended the Camarillo Emergency Expo, organized by Ready Ventura County.  For the kids, going to the expo meant face painting and bounce houses along with getting their kid prints. Well, Eliza got hers. The line was really long, so Hallie will take Landon after school one day soon. The police department offers the service year-round.

They all came back home and played a bit outside until Mike called for his ride home. Each of the valleys is like a bowl, and you can actually feel the temperature difference once you cross the grade from Pleasant Valley to Conejo Valley. It’s a dry heat in TO, so it’s not too bad. There’s more of a marine vibe in Camarillo, with lower temps but somewhat higher humidity.

On Sunday, we celebrated Grandpa O’s 70th birthday. Do we say he’s over the hill or aged to perfection? The kids enjoyed chasing each other around as the grown-ups chatted. A gentle breeze took some of the heat off the day, making for a more comfortable dining experience. Happy Birthday, Granddaddi-O! 


Kim said...

Is it over 100 in your direction also? I wish I could live in the pool until it cools down. Of course, you can't work on the computer in there. haha :)

Michael Owens said...

@Kim, we haven't hit triple digits out here thanks to the ocean breeze, but it has been over 90 for the past few days. As we don't have A/C, the house gets into the 80s before we can open up the windows and get things cooler in the evenings. The neighborhood pool is our favorite place!