Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hastening Our Work

Many of the same routines that have occupied our days since school started occupied us again this week. We had welcome visitors, both for the kids and for Hallie. Things are heating up for Mike both at work and at church.

Monday – Regular day. Landon stayed after with a small group of kids to do a reading assessment with his teacher. He is making great progress at school, as evidenced by the work his teacher is sending home. 

Tuesday – After Landon got out of school, two of the boys from our ward that go to school with him came to our house to play. We haven’t had a lot of kids to play at our house, so having company is all new and exciting to us.

Wednesday – After school Landon went to the boys’ house to play until Eliza got out of school, and Hallie was able to get a few errands run. We just found out though that this family is moving soon, and that bums us all out.

Friday – Mike had a shindig at CLU in the evening, so the kids and Hallie had pizza and movie.

Saturday – Mike taught class today, and the rest of the family took a day off. Hallie and her mom spent a bit of time together in the morning, and Liz our great neighbor spent time playing with the kids. Hallie came home to freshly vacuumed floors and dishes done. Thanks Liz! We were all happy to see Mike when he got home in the evening. The kids spent a bit of time in the evening riding bikes, scooters, and skateboards with the neighbor kids. As bed time approached the missionaries came over to do their weekly correlation with Mike.  

Sunday – Mike started the day out early, 8:00 AM, by attending a meeting conducted by Elder Garnes who is an area authority seventy for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After the meeting, Mike sent a text home saying Elder Garnes asked the mission leaders to read D&C88:72-74 with our families. Hey, read it with yours! Things are getting serious about hastening the work. He then hung out at the church until his other meetings started at 11:00.

At noon Hallie and the kids headed to Thousand Oaks (known here as T.O.) to see Cru’s Primary Children's Program. Hallie gave Eliza special braids for the occasion. 

It was fun watching Cru sing and speak his part. For these moments it is nice to be closer to our California family. Hallie had to sneak out early so they could get back to our ward where our primary is getting ready for their program on October 12.


Diamond Evans said...

Today we had out stake fireside and out stake president's talk was on hastening the work but specifically magnifying who we are so that the Lord can help us in this hastening. It was pretty amazing.

Michael Owens said...

That's great! Elder Garnes asked all the mission leaders to work on improving something about ourselves this week, kind of along those same lines of hastening the work by becoming better able to receive inspiration to fulfill our callings through increased personal worthiness.