Sunday, June 22, 2014

Welcome, Summer!

We ended spring getting into a groove that combined settling into new routines with continuing to explore the area's attractions. Couple all that with some amazing World Cup Soccer, and we were sitting pretty going into summer.

On Monday, Hallie took Landon to try out a new gymnastics place. 

Mike found out he could get the first round of the 2014 World Cup on the Watch ESPN channel on our Roku. Yes!

Even Eliza and Fergus are excited!

On Tuesday, Mike managed to get enough boxes removed and shuffled that we can put the Kia into the garage.

We had promised Landon that we would get the fire pit out to have a s’mores roast, and we finally made that happen.

Wednesday and Thursday revolved around routines of getting to know our new home and job. We took some time on Wednesday to go with Mike's parents to Red's BBQ in Simi. Always a treat!

This kids started the day Friday with some time outside. Mike and Landon rode their bikes around the neighborhood. As they arrived at home, who but Eliza shows up rounding the corner? Scary, but this is a good neighborhood for escape artists. Next time, though, she’s getting locked in the house or coming with. Once we got home, the kids played nice while building with their LEGO bricks in the big front room.

Mike had to go up to school earlier than he has been. Carly and her kids came by to visit Hallie and the kids.  

Mike now has his office keys, his technology, and a name placard, so he’s all official.

On Saturday, Hallie got up bright and early to do some grocery shopping, and she brought us home yummies from Rolling Pin Donuts to share while we watched Argentina play Iran in an intense game.

"You're nice and all, but get out of the way!"

After the game, we went over to Freedom Park to play at the Ventura County Greek Festival.

Later still, Sarah from next door braided Eliza’s hair while Hallie and Liz from next door (Sarah’s mom) went to WinCo Foods and Costco. 

We had heard about WinCo from our Utah friends, and Hallie went there while we visited Riley and Breanne in Washington, so having one nearby is a treat. It will be a literal treat for Mike too once he finally gets to go and purchase some needs from their bulk items section.

Later in the day, Mike supervised the kids as they rode around in front of the house.

Sunday morning, the kids made some art in the back yard in the patio, which we are using as a room unto itself.

Mike spoke at church. Speaking of church, what a blessing it has been to be in this ward. It has only been two Sundays, but the members have pulled out all the stops to make us feel welcome. So many people have come up and introduced themselves to us, and we even received some yummy treats on Saturday night from a member in the ward who found out we know her daughter. Landon and Eliza have taken to Primary quickly. We are grateful for that and for those who teach them each week. We missed the US-Portugal game for the “Dine and Dash” (potluck) activity after church. The theme was Mexican food. Hallie brought a Mexican Caesar salad that was quickly eaten up. Folks stopped by our table to introduce themselves, and we talked to a family who lives in our neighborhood about all of the schooling choices we have. It looks like we have some choices ahead of us.

We ended the night with a walk around the block. Bring on the summer!

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