Monday, June 16, 2014

Settling In, Making Friends, and Celebrating Our Dads

We spent the week getting settled into our new home, becoming acquainted with our new church congregation, and celebrating Father’s Day.

Monday, June 9 – We're continuing to camp out in the front room waiting for our PODS to arrive. We made arrangements to get the Internet turned on and utilities set in order. The kids are entertaining themselves with items that made it in the car with us, including sidewalk chalk. Our back patio makes a perfect canvas. 

We bought a refrigerator over the weekend, and Mike, Merle, Dwight, and Shad moved it. The refrigerator had a hard time leaving the owner’s house, and (after quite a bit of working together) the “fancy” refrigerator as Landon calls it made its new home with our family.

Prior to retrieving the fridge, we went over to G&G M's for a visit and meal. The kids found the blackberries in the side yard too tempting to resist. However, they paid for their sloppy eating by having to scrub the mess away. We tried to be as discrete as possible.

Hallie received belated birthday presents to open.

Tuesday, June 10 – Mike took Landon for a walk to get to know the neighborhood. After playing at the jungle gym, they got donuts and milk at the local store. 

Later in the day, Hallie and Eliza found Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, and Costco. They will definitely have to try those trips again to get used to where everything is located. In the early afternoon our two PODS arrived. 

By the end of the day Mike, his parents, and Hallie’s parents emptied both PODS into the garage and house. From the time the kids found their scooters and bikes, they rode all day and into the night.

We found out that our next door neighbors are members of our church. What are the odds? They are really friendly, which makes moving to a new area really nice.

Wednesday, June 11 – We finally brought Fergus home after his extended stay with Mike’s parents. While at Mike’s folks’ house, the kids horsed around in one of their favorite new backyard spaces.

Thursday, June 12 – The PODS, now empty, have left the premises. Now to the work of putting all our stuff away. In addition to moving all our stuff out of the PODS and into the different rooms in the house, Mike has been teaching and trying to get settled in at his new job. He now has an office up at CLU and will hopefully have his equipment before too long. He took the back roads to work with the car windows rolled down, basking in the breeze and relishing the gorgeous views. After he got home, Hallie and Landon ran a couple of errands and got dinner, so we ate a little later than usual. While we were having dinner, our bishop came by to visit, tipped off by our next-door neighbors that new members of the ward had moved in.

Friday, June 13 – The weather has been ideal, and we know why people never want to leave or are trying to move here. We eat all our meals at the patio table in the backyard. Landon and Eliza don’t understand why we eat so often outside. Considering that our kitchen table is covered in items needing places to go and considering that we effectively have another whole room by using the patio, why the heck not do it?!
Dining al fresco. So Mediterranean. 

Eliza has not taken a nap in a long time even though she needs one, and today she fell asleep on Hallie’s lap at 5:00 PM. Normally it is pizza-and-a-movie night, but with Eliza asleep, Hallie and Landon took off to get his haircut and to find some food. Our cute boy said he wanted a hamburger, so off to In-N-Out they went, and they had a fun time. 

Meanwhile, Mike fiddled with potential furniture arrangements. 
Our new home, by the way. Be it ever so humble. . .

New slipcovers, not new couches

Eliza ended up waking up before we went to bed, and after letting her play for a while Mike was able to eventually get her back to sleep.
What to do with a wired girl? Let her run herself ragged. 

Saturday, June 14 – Carly and Cru invited us to the Conejo Recreation and Parks District’s Touch-a-Truck. We saw a helicopter land and then had a chance to sit in it, and we went inside lots of other fun trucks and vehicles. 

After lunch, the kids played in the sprinklers at Grandpa and Grandma M’s house. 

Happy Flag Day, by the way!
The rest of the day was spent putting stuff of away. Funny how you forget what you owned in just 3 weeks. Dorene called Hallie in the evening, and they caught up on people and events back in the old neighborhood. Earlier in the week someone had made an offer on the house, so it will be out of our hands before too long. We will be getting considerably less than what we paid, so we’ll have to weather that storm for a while. Dorene’s call reminded us how much we miss those special friends and places we left behind, and each of us has experienced that sense of loss in our own way this week.   

Sunday, June 15 – The kids greeted Mike in the morning with Father’s Day wishes, then we made cards for the grandpas. It’s been a long time since we had church in the afternoon, so we didn’t quite know how to spend our morning. After lunch, we attended our new ward for the first time. We received a warm welcome from the other members and hope to make new friends here. We’ve already been hit up to speak during sacrament meeting. The kids made presents for Mike during Primary.

Pretty entertaining and insightful!

After a quick return home, we drove out to Simi to have dinner with G&G O. before having dessert with G&G M. The kids really get a kick out of playing with their cousins, and we are glad they have ready-made familiar friends as they transition into life in SoCal.  
Stuff like this matters. 

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